Sunday, November 6, 2011

Build me up, buttercup.

Today we are MAKING things. How exciting is making things? Well, for me, thinking about making is way more exciting than the actual making. The sense of achievement if/when you finish is awesome, but I fail a little bit at following through on my plans.

Exhibit A:
My making things consists of trying to alter things I already own, but don't use. For example, I have a bunch of dresses that were awesome while I was pregnant, but are not quite as awesome now that I have to feed the dude on a regular basis. I need clothes with escape hatches.
So, being me, I got all amped up, chopped up a dress or two, and then... never actually got around to the sewing part. Whoops.

Ross, on the other hand, is building gates for all our stairs. The gate for the cellar was pretty straightforward, and he was done in a couple of hours!

Unfortunately, the weird layout of the front steps means that we'll have to get a little bit more creative for the rest of them. And by 'we' I mean Ross, but I'm guessing he'll get plenty of helpful suggestions from every man and his dog (I know Nina has some very strong ideas about interior design).

"Tear it down and start again. That's why I chew on the staircase. I'm helping."

Anyway, I had a good day despite my low productivity, so life is good.*

*If this post feels a little bit truncated, that's because the dude just headbutted me in the throat. Why oh why is he still awake?


Vicki said...

Wow the gate looks super...well done Ross!
Here is the blog about refashioning clothes I have been meaning to pass on to you

Also maybe pinterest might have some ideas for the other stairs.

olga said...

Oh my gosh, that blog is my new favourite - thanks for the link! Now to actually get around to doing these things...

northern musings said...

I always comment at work forgetting that comments are blocked... anywhoooo .. well done Ross! good job on the gate thingy... and well done you for doing a daily blog... I can't even seem to be able to do a weekly one.... my bad...