Friday, November 25, 2011

Baby talk

Here is a slightly funny story which may or may not contain more information than you wanted to know:
Whenever I see my grandma, and also some of my other older relatives, they ask about Henry and such. Then they ask if he's still feeding well, and if there's still enough milk for him. Totally reasonable questions, but it makes me feel a little bit weird, as in my head they are basically asking how my boobs are. And I reply, yes, my boobs are fine, thank you. I don't want to deny anyone the right to know how my boobs are. Boobs.

Okay, I'm done for now.


Got a package from my mum today, containing a book, some clothes and most excitingly, teething rusks - like milk arrowroot biscuits, only sooo stodgy. We gave Henry one to try and I swear it made his day. He was the happiest dude who ever chewed a rusk and kicked his legs around. 

Nina also enjoyed it, as she got to eat the gooey bits that he dropped on the floor. She will henceforth be in charge of cleaning those gooey bits up before I step on them and they squish between my toes. Eeeeeew.


Ross has gone to drop a friend off at the bus stop in Varmahli├░, and he took Henry with him. So I am just strolling around the house doing not much of anything... Not true, I had a 20 minute shower which I didn't feel guilty about, then gave myself a mini-pedicure and patted the puppy. Good times.

And then Ross and Henry came home and we took a million photos! Most of them were a bit blurry - I really need to learn to use our camera properly. I'm just so scared of using the flash, although I guess it's not always terrible.

There were about four preliminary flashes - Henry's expression reflects that fact.

The dude! He wears mini converse shoes that his aunt Eva gave him! He wears jeans and a jumper like a little peeeeerson! (And Nina licks gooey rusk bits off his hand.)

We* have a game we play called 'do you like my hat?' The correct answer is either 'I do not' or 'Yes, I like it. I like that party hat.' I think Go Dog Go is a book that Henry must own.

* Yeeeeaaah, it might just be me. But I am pretty good at this game, honest.


eva.diblasio said...

I love his heart Jumper, he looks so cute with his jumper and matching cons. He is such a little man, cant wait to see him and pinch his cheeks, like a proper zia!

eva.diblasio said...

Only a month away now!!


Unnur said...

I have a copy of Dr Seuss' Do you like my hat. Will get Anna to take it and others. You all look gorgeous and I can't wait to see you. mum