Wednesday, October 19, 2011


On Monday I did all the things, and am therefore feeling productive and happy!

1. I opened a bank account for the little man, deposited two jars' worth of change which turned out to be 11,000 kr (over a hundred Aussie dollars, yay!) Also felt a little bit bad for the bank lady as she picked out all the foreign coins, badges and hairpins that I like to store in coin jars.

2. While I was at the bank, I found out that we can sort of deposit money onto our credit card, thus increasing available funds and making it possible to buy tickets from London to Australia next year. Then, with all the frequent flyer points we'll get from that purchase, we should be able to get almost-free flights from here to London! Woo!
I can't wait to travel back to Perth with the dude. I re-read A Cup of Jo's guide to travelling with a baby, and I even looked at all the comments. Everyone tells you that it can be really hard and dramatic; is it weird that that makes me more excited to go?

3. Got some paperwork for Henry's Icelandic passport, I consider this step one in the long process of getting his Australian one. Apparently just being born to Australian parents doesn't necessarily make you a citizen, so we'll have to fill out all the forms and find all the ID bits and pieces and get copies and get them certified - the whole shebang. Grarg how I hate bureaucracy.


Yesterday was mothers' group in the morning and swimming in the afternoon - Tuesdays are action packed, but awesome. Henry gets more and more confident in the water every week, and all the babies are pretty good at the going underwater part. He's always exhausted afterwards, so he and Ross had a nice quiet snuggle on the couch yesterday evening.


The weather has gotten all cold and snowy again, which is at least an improvement on the horrible sideways sleet that we had on the weekend. I went for a walk with Nina and the dude this morning, and although I forgot to check the temperature, I'm fairly sure it was below zero. He fell asleep in the pram, which is always a bit scary. Yes, he's wearing a million layers and blankets and a sheepskin rug, and Icelanders leave their babies outside all the time, and I have the baby monitor on, but it still freaks me out a little bit. Actually, I might just run and check on him now...

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