Friday, October 14, 2011

Old friends and new...

Oh my gosh, so many photos... But basically here's just a token one or two from what's been going on!

Andy stayed and relaxed, we did not very much and it was totally lovely and awesome. He and Henry got along really well, and many short man jokes ensued.

Daisy and Victoria visited, we did slightly more but still not very much. Again, awesome!

I basically did food-based tourism: we ate horse and whale and fresh-off-the-mountain lamb, and we went to the shop where they had all the slaughter season goodies like blood, sheep faces and testicles for sale. Mmm, yum.

Other highlights included going to Grettislaug, seeing ponies, meeting the New Zealanders from the slaughterhouse and even seeing some Northern Lights! It was a bit cloudy, and we only saw them for five minutes, but as we had pretty much given up hope that we'd see any, it was still totally awesome!


If the girls had stayed one more day, they would have filled in the final square on their Sauðárkrókur bingo card* - SNOW!

But oh well, we had a lovely time together, and they promise to stay longer next time.


Snow means yikes, time to get the car ready for winter. I've been faffing about getting quotes for snow tyres, but of course I ended up getting the more expensive ones from here in town, because I refuse to drive to Akureyri on my summer tyres... Also I had to buy a scraper to get ice off the windscreen - weird all the bits and pieces that you forget that you need.
Now I just have to get snow tyres for the pram... I'm only half joking - if they exist I'm totally going to buy some!


Aaaand, just some random photos of Henry and Friends...

Henry has really become interested in Nina lately. He loves grabbing fistfuls of fur from her back and she likes to lick the drool off his hands. It's a match made in heaven.

* This needs to be a real thing in the world... Don't worry, guys, I'm on it.


northern musings said...

My God I love that photo of Nina and Henry! the looks that they are giving.... so much to read into them and probably they are just thinking for different reasons, why are you taking yet another photo of me?

Unnur said...

I love getting your blog and photos! It's only 10 weeks until I get cuddles. Keep blogging and skyping! Lots of love from Oz.

Maja said...

Yippee for snow! I hope there's snow while JJ and I are there. It will be a totally different experience for him.

Henry is so cute!