Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mush. Mushmushmush.

Today I made food for the dude!

Mush making is fun for the whole family - steam whatever you find in the fridge, then puree it into oblivion. Then feel super satisfied with your housewifely skills, despite the fact that there were a million other things you were supposed to do today. Yay!

Apples! Sweet potato! PEEEEEEEAS!

I put it all in the freezer for now, but I don't think it'll be too long before he starts eating proper food. He's really excitable when he's at the dinner table, basically spends the whole time lunging from his high chair trying to reach whatever he can. He gnawed on a piece of apple the other day, and last night I gave him a slice of fennel to hang onto while we were eating - he was so excited and happy, and nommed on it for ages until it was all floppy and gross. Then the dog ate it.

If I could reach you, I would eat you. Come a little bit closer.


Tonight Sigga is hosting another big family dinner, featuring smoked lamb, boiled lamb faces and oven-baked trout, followed by skyr cake and rhubarb crumble for dessert - nothing like a bit of variety!
It'll be awesome to catch up with everyone, and there's even a few cousins coming up from Reykjavik. I think Henry has a lot of familial hugs and kisses to look forward to!


northern musings said...

I read over baked trout - to which I thought - yeh it is always over baked.... must get better at this fish stuff. Then read it again.... mush mush looks like fun - love the little containers... Henry is getting so big and so .. what word to use... human like... nah makes him sound alien.. big... nah he's the right size for a Henry... grown up... well no - he has more of that to do.... He is just Henry Þór - AMAZING like his folks!

Maja said...

Cool little containers!

soda said...

hah, best hair on that kid