Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mush. Mushmushmush.

Today I made food for the dude!

Mush making is fun for the whole family - steam whatever you find in the fridge, then puree it into oblivion. Then feel super satisfied with your housewifely skills, despite the fact that there were a million other things you were supposed to do today. Yay!

Apples! Sweet potato! PEEEEEEEAS!

I put it all in the freezer for now, but I don't think it'll be too long before he starts eating proper food. He's really excitable when he's at the dinner table, basically spends the whole time lunging from his high chair trying to reach whatever he can. He gnawed on a piece of apple the other day, and last night I gave him a slice of fennel to hang onto while we were eating - he was so excited and happy, and nommed on it for ages until it was all floppy and gross. Then the dog ate it.

If I could reach you, I would eat you. Come a little bit closer.


Tonight Sigga is hosting another big family dinner, featuring smoked lamb, boiled lamb faces and oven-baked trout, followed by skyr cake and rhubarb crumble for dessert - nothing like a bit of variety!
It'll be awesome to catch up with everyone, and there's even a few cousins coming up from Reykjavik. I think Henry has a lot of familial hugs and kisses to look forward to!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good things are good.

One of my favourite websites (thanks Anna, for showing me Shakesville) has a question of the day, and I really like this one: What do you like best about the age you are now?

As someone points out in the comments, it's an awesome question - sometimes I tend to forget how many things I am grateful for, and it's a pretty great thing to be reminded of every once in while.

What I like best about being 27 (nearly 28!) is feeling more like I know what I want out of life, and that it's okay to not want the same thing as everyone else. I feel much more secure and happy in my body, and I don't care what anyone else thinks about the way I look. I feel like I have my priorities pretty much sorted, and I don't feel like I'm somehow deficient because of my lack of ambition or social skills.
I'm (mostly) a hermit, and proud of it!

Also, I'm pretty glad I didn't have kids before now, I think I'm more of a 'responsible grown up' type now than I've ever been. I know people have different maturity levels at different ages; there's a girl in my mothers' group who is 21 with an eight month old baby, whereas I can't imagine 21 year old me handling that much responsibility.

How about you?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleeping and not-sleeping

A friend of mine linked to this awesome post about parenthood, it is pretty cool and true and worth a read.


Henry slept really well last night, I fed him around nine, nine thirty and he slept until four in the morning! It was pretty awesome, although I really have no sense of how long I sleep. Ross took him for a little walk the other night, and I fell asleep again and then apologised profusely when Ross came back to bed - I felt like I'd slept for an hour, but he said it had only been ten minutes... Win!

Anyway, while I was awake, I started thinking about my British bank account, which I never got around to closing when I left London - oops. To be fair, I had to leave it open when we were leaving so that I could pay the shipping company, and it becomes more complicated to close accounts if you're not there in person... Still, that was over a year ago, so not really an excuse.

I did have some money left in the account, but I suddenly worried that maybe I had gone into overdraft months ago, and was now racking up hundreds of pounds of debt. So I got up and phoned them (yay for 24 hour phone help lines in the UK), and it turns out I'm only 15 pounds overdrawn. Sweeeeet. I've been trying to find out how to close the account from here, but now their website has gone a bit weird and screwy.

Plus I couldn't remember my account number - I have it now, but it was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. See, I went through and organised my wool stash yesterday, and found a piece of paper with an account number on it - yay!
Unfortunately, I threw it in the rubbish bin - boo!
Luckily, the outside bins hadn't been taken yet, so I could pull out the most recent rubbish bag I threw in there - yay!
I dug through the bag of meat juice and grossness for a few minutes before realising that the piece of paper I wanted was actually in the (relatively) nice and clean rubbish bin inside - boo! But also yay!

So, all I need to do is write an official-sounding letter and cut up my card, and then I won't need to wake up in the middle of the night worrying about it anymore! Extra double-super-yay!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Just a picture or two, for your viewing pleasure...

Basically, Henry adores music. He especially likes it when people play for him, either in person or on skype - he has heard guitar, ukelele, harmonica and glockenspiel. Lately, he has taken to lunging out of your lap if he sees something he likes, and that's what happened here - he saw Ross playing the guitar, and decided that he needed to have the guitar. Also, he kind of purses his lips if he's after something - totally intense.

This is another one of the photos I stole from the girls, of Henry in his shopping trolley, propped up by 2kg of sugar and 2kg of rye flour. Such a neat trick for places that don't have baby trolleys.

And since winter is coming (or is it here already? Seems like no one can decide!) we have dug out all his 'kuldagallar' - I'm having trouble with the English word... I guess they're snowsuits?
This yellow one is pretty adorable and warm, and I'm also partial to a white fleecy one that we got from Steina, my cousin. Winter clothes are the cutest.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


On Monday I did all the things, and am therefore feeling productive and happy!

1. I opened a bank account for the little man, deposited two jars' worth of change which turned out to be 11,000 kr (over a hundred Aussie dollars, yay!) Also felt a little bit bad for the bank lady as she picked out all the foreign coins, badges and hairpins that I like to store in coin jars.

2. While I was at the bank, I found out that we can sort of deposit money onto our credit card, thus increasing available funds and making it possible to buy tickets from London to Australia next year. Then, with all the frequent flyer points we'll get from that purchase, we should be able to get almost-free flights from here to London! Woo!
I can't wait to travel back to Perth with the dude. I re-read A Cup of Jo's guide to travelling with a baby, and I even looked at all the comments. Everyone tells you that it can be really hard and dramatic; is it weird that that makes me more excited to go?

3. Got some paperwork for Henry's Icelandic passport, I consider this step one in the long process of getting his Australian one. Apparently just being born to Australian parents doesn't necessarily make you a citizen, so we'll have to fill out all the forms and find all the ID bits and pieces and get copies and get them certified - the whole shebang. Grarg how I hate bureaucracy.


Yesterday was mothers' group in the morning and swimming in the afternoon - Tuesdays are action packed, but awesome. Henry gets more and more confident in the water every week, and all the babies are pretty good at the going underwater part. He's always exhausted afterwards, so he and Ross had a nice quiet snuggle on the couch yesterday evening.


The weather has gotten all cold and snowy again, which is at least an improvement on the horrible sideways sleet that we had on the weekend. I went for a walk with Nina and the dude this morning, and although I forgot to check the temperature, I'm fairly sure it was below zero. He fell asleep in the pram, which is always a bit scary. Yes, he's wearing a million layers and blankets and a sheepskin rug, and Icelanders leave their babies outside all the time, and I have the baby monitor on, but it still freaks me out a little bit. Actually, I might just run and check on him now...

Friday, October 14, 2011

Old friends and new...

Oh my gosh, so many photos... But basically here's just a token one or two from what's been going on!

Andy stayed and relaxed, we did not very much and it was totally lovely and awesome. He and Henry got along really well, and many short man jokes ensued.

Daisy and Victoria visited, we did slightly more but still not very much. Again, awesome!

I basically did food-based tourism: we ate horse and whale and fresh-off-the-mountain lamb, and we went to the shop where they had all the slaughter season goodies like blood, sheep faces and testicles for sale. Mmm, yum.

Other highlights included going to Grettislaug, seeing ponies, meeting the New Zealanders from the slaughterhouse and even seeing some Northern Lights! It was a bit cloudy, and we only saw them for five minutes, but as we had pretty much given up hope that we'd see any, it was still totally awesome!


If the girls had stayed one more day, they would have filled in the final square on their Sauðárkrókur bingo card* - SNOW!

But oh well, we had a lovely time together, and they promise to stay longer next time.


Snow means yikes, time to get the car ready for winter. I've been faffing about getting quotes for snow tyres, but of course I ended up getting the more expensive ones from here in town, because I refuse to drive to Akureyri on my summer tyres... Also I had to buy a scraper to get ice off the windscreen - weird all the bits and pieces that you forget that you need.
Now I just have to get snow tyres for the pram... I'm only half joking - if they exist I'm totally going to buy some!


Aaaand, just some random photos of Henry and Friends...

Henry has really become interested in Nina lately. He loves grabbing fistfuls of fur from her back and she likes to lick the drool off his hands. It's a match made in heaven.

* This needs to be a real thing in the world... Don't worry, guys, I'm on it.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy face

It is kinda hard to get smiley photos of the dude; he'll be all cheerful, but as soon as he sees the camera he gets really serious...

So I end up with these photos that are not-so-awesomely framed, because I'm holding the camera off to the side and making faces and weird noises in his general direction.

They're kind of cute, though, right?