Friday, September 2, 2011


We decided to try letting the dude sleep in his cot in his room last night. He grew out of the bassinet ages ago, and he's been sleeping in the cot in our room for a while now. He hasn't been sleeping that well, though, I think because I've been picking him up too much. I know there's no harm in just leaving him to faff about, as long as he's not crying. But then I worry that if I leave him, Ross will think that he has to get up - we have an agreement that while he's working, I do the bulk of the nighttime stuff whenever possible.

Anyway, long story short: the dude hasn't really had a chance to prove how good he can be at sleeping, as I keep interrupting him. Until now...
So of course, he proved that he continues to be awesome in every way. He slept from about eight thirty last night until four this morning. I had the monitor, and I heard him wake up a few times, but then he just settled all by himself. Not bad for a short man!

P.S. Until now I had never considered sleeping a skill... I guess mostly because it isn't. Or is it?


What else? The Red Cross is open tomorrow for the first time in MONTHS, or so it seems. I am so incredibly excited, which is kind of funny and lame, but mostly funny. I really want some new jeans, but I hate the process of trying on jeans at the best of times, and op shops are not really the best of times... I think the last time I bought pants from an op shop was when I was fifteen, so I will cross my fingers and try not to get my hopes up.

Then after I'm done shopping to my heart's content, we're going to a friend's house to watch a football game. Gerry is a Scottish guy that Ross met at Icelandic class, and his wife Edda is lovely and friendly. Our situations are so similar, it's kind of uncanny: Edda is half Icelandic, but has lived most of her life in Scotland, except for a few summers spent here in Sauðárkrókur with her grandparents - I think her Icelandic skills may be about the same as mine, i.e. coherent, but rarely grammatically correct. They had never really considered moving to Iceland, but then decided it would be the ideal place to raise kids, so here we all are!

Edda is nearly four months pregnant, which of course is totally exciting for her, and as an additional bonus I get to impart all my newfound baby wisdom to someone who cares. And she's yet another person who gets seriously gooey around Henry (but then again who doesn't?).  Since I've never been the most sociable crayon in the box (yep, I see nothing wrong with that metaphor), it's pretty cool to just randomly find a potential friend so easily.


Aaaaand that's it for now. Do you think two posts in a row is enough that I may as well to commit to a NaBloPoMo? I think so... Or maybe not. Tune in tomorrow to find out!


northern musings said...

Henry is just a brilliant child. As are you and Ross brilliant parents - and I think it's great that you guys have now created your own network of friends here.... so great for all of you! good luck with the jeans shopping - you know the bonus is that you can stuff as many as you can in the bag and if they don´t fit sell them next year on a stall on madömu daga....

Unnur said...

I'm impressed!!! Go Henry! Stina's spirit is in that room and she probably sang to him. Jeans?? I'll see the op shops here. Good luck at the Red Cross and enjoy the soccer! love yous.