Monday, September 5, 2011

Tree party!

So the little man has finally been added to the national register, and he has therefore made his way onto Íslendingabók - the collected genealogical info for pretty much all Icelanders! I don't know if I've told you how much I love that site, it is so neat to be able to trace back all your family members for generations! The earliest relative I've found was my great (x8) grandfather on my Dad's side, Bjarni Nikulásson, born around 1605. He was a farmer in Dýrafjörður, don't you know. I guess this is kind of (almost definitely) completely useless information, but it makes me feel all connected and stuff...

I especially love the way it highlights the Icelandic tradition of naming your kids after your parents. This, combined with the way the surnames work - your dad's name plus son or daughter - leads to awesome lines that look like this:

See, Unnur Magnúsdóttir (born in 1833) named her firstborn son Magnús, after her dad. He then named his firstborn daughter after his mum, making her also Unnur Magnúsdóttir. She then named her son after her dad, who named his daughter after his mum, hence, another Unnur Magnúsdóttir. That last one is my mum, by the way! I love it.

Then if you just follow the male sides, there's lots of switched names alternating along the line. Einar Magnusson will name his son Magnús after his dad, Magnús Einarsson. He calls his son Einar Magnússon, who calls his son Magnús Einarsson. It just keeps going!

Ross was included on the site after we got married, although unfortunately there isn't really a process for adding foreigners' information on there. I know Ross' mum has done lots of research into her family tree, so we could probably make up quite a nice book or chart for Henry one day... Anyway, since they only base it on Icelanders, this is what his tree looks like on the site:

But I like that he's there. And let's face it, if your dad was Ross, what more could you ask for?


Unnur said...

That's awesome! If we'd called Kristinn Magnus he would have had to have a baby called Unnur. Love to all! Have you picked any berries yet??

Anja said...

Olga, this is soooo cool!!!
You've talked about this before but it's so much better to have it visualised, now I can get a grasp of the dimension of your family background.
Also love to see Ross' name in there and of course the little mans name... x