Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Travellers ahoy!

What's up, folks?

Our visitors have arrived (and in Joe's case, gone again - this post has been a draft since last week sometime, sorry)! Joe got here last Thursday, and it has been fairly exciting and also surreal - we haven't actually seen each other in person for nearly a year. I guess Skype makes it easier to stay in touch, and it definitely makes a difference being able to see people's faces, but nothing compares to actually having your friend just sitting in your loungeroom. Fun times!

I don't think I mentioned it here, but Joe will be Henry's (fairy?) godfather. I feel like we should have some sort of ceremony or event celebrating the fact, but I'm continuing to go off the idea of a christening... It would just feel a little bit hypocritical, given that I'm not going to take him to church every Sunday, and also I don't believe in a God that would send a baby to hell*.

On a less controversial note, it'd be hard logistically to have a big celebration, as Henry's godmother Anja lives in Germany, so I don't think we'll manage to have everyone together anytime soon. Oh well, we'll just celebrate individually and be happy with that. 

*Heck, I don't even think I believe in hell.


Nick and Irma arrived late on Friday night after an epic trip north. Their bus broke down along the way; it was still running, but reeeeeally slowly. Another bus eventually arrived to take them onwards, but this bus driver was so enthusiastic that he drove straight to Akureyri - a bummer, because they were supposed to get off at Varmahli├░, an hour and a half before Akureyri.

When they got to Akureyri, they discovered that the bus driver spoke absolutely no English, so he took them to the police station (as you do). Meanwhile, Nick phoned Ross (who was still waiting in Varmahli├░) and asked him to come pick them up.
Then it turned out the bus driver felt quite bad about the whole situation, so he offered to drive them halfway, to shorten the trip for Ross and Joe. They met up without any major hassles, and even got to see the northern lights when they stopped - Ross said they were the best ones he's seen so far, I imagine that being out in the middle of nowhere with no street lights helped.

So there's always a bright side, even if your trip to our little town takes about five hours longer than it's supposed to.


And surely it's worth it all for them to meet the main (short) man! Henry has been so good meeting all these new people, he seems quite happy to be passed around from hug to hug.

Henry and his Nonno Nikola

With Zia Irma

And godpapa Joe

Joe seems quite taken with Henry, and Henry gave him a huge smile when they first met (and then a million more after that). Awesome. This is the first time Joe has seen us in parent mode, after he's known us for all of our early adult lives. His quote? It's so bizarre, you guys are still living like teenagers, only there's a baby here now. So being parents hasn't changed us too much - we are still the people we have always been.

We're definitely going to be taking advantage of having a photographer around - we still don't have any really nice shots of all three of us (four including Nina?), and it's good to have an outsider's perspective...

Although it must be said, we are not exactly geniuses at being in photos...


Unfortunately, our friend Andy has been tied up in red tape, so he won't be able to make it for this trip. He's been trying to get a Schengen visa through the Danish Embassy in London, and it just hasn't happened quickly enough. I think the visa has gone through now, though, so he'll be along sometime this month or next. It is a bummer that we couldn't all be together in the same place, but it'll just make it more awesome next time it happens. Plus, as Sigga pointed out to Andy, this way he gets to have more one on one time with the little dude!


soda said...

best family photo!

Gil Liane said...

Yay for the family portrait! :)

Unnur said...

Beautiful!! I fall in love with you more and more as you grow as a family. I bet you miss Joe. Hopefully he'll come again soon. Great photos. Are you making sausages with Nonno?