Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sausages and sheep. And sleep.

Tuesday was sausage making day at the Di Blasio house* - it may not have run exactly according to plan, but I think it demonstrated how very resourceful we are.

* that's our house, by the way. Just in case that wasn't obvious. Y'know, just on the off chance that everyone else is as confused as I am these days... The Icelandic term for it is 'breast fog' - the vagueness of mind that comes with breastfeeding. But I digress.

First the meat grinder wouldn't turn on, turned out someone (thanks, Vicki!) had to push down on the power cable to make it work - like an added emergency stop button.

Then the casings we were using turned out to be really skinny and inelastic (damn you, slaugherhouse, why couldn't you just sell me lamb intestines?), so Ross did a bit of traipsing around to try and find a nozzle that fitted right. 

It ended up working fine after that, and we made these:

We've got a whole bunch hanging in the basement to dry, and because they're so skinny, I think they'll be salami-esque pretty soon - exciting times!

 Irma also went to the trouble of learning how to make a fried pizza dough that is Ross' Nonna's specialty. I'm not even going to try to spell it, but it is delicious...

Oh my gosh, deep fried anything is totally my favourite.

Unfortunately, the recipe Irma got was totally old school: you know, about this much yeast, this much water... maybe more water... about this much flour, and so on. Vicki and I took photos of every step, so hopefully we'll be able to recreate it with a bit of practice.

Nonno explains to Henry the beauty of a good piece of salami.


We had a pretty chilled out week after that; I went to some hot springs with Vicki and Irma, and we all (bar Ross) went to Holar University for a bit of a look see. Apart from that, Henry just got to spend lots of quality time with his Nonno and Zia Irma, which was lovely.

They left this morning in a hire car, and I assume their trip went well - they haven't driven back here, anyway! 
Ross had to say goodbye last night, as he went on göngur today. I must admit that I'm very glad I got to skip it this year, since last year was pretty traumatic (although in hindsight, I realised that I was a little bit pregnant at the time, so being hyper emotional and cranky from hunger were totally acceptable reactions to the day's exertions). 

Apparently it all went well, Ross and Sigga both had pretty good horses and managed to not fall off too much. The weather was beautiful, sunny and warm with hardly any wind - it's a shame they were both dressed for the cold. I'm sure there'll be a more detailed description over at Sigga's blog sometime soon...


And that's about it. Tomorrow will be a day of rest, methinks - here's hoping the dude agrees with this decision and has a proper sleep-in!


Unnur said...

The sausages look great. Enjoy the eating. Henry looks so grown up and is still so beautiful.

eva.diblasio said...

Glad you took lots of photos of how to make figorn, (God knows if thats how you spell it). I will have to get the recipe off you and mum.

How funny, those are definitely sauages, just a little different to what they normally look like bit of a shame, but Im sure they taste great. Looking forward to eating some with you at xmas.

Henry is so cute..i dont know him, but I already love him :)

Thanks for all the pics, keep them coming. xx

northern musings said...

goodness me - I will need to blog then won´t I - but I took no photos... Am sure that I will be able to use some from previous years. Am still exhausted - and yes the salami was amazing - at least on the pizza. Thanks again for dinner.