Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo fun!

I just uploaded a bunch of pictures onto the computer, so in honour of that, a post must be made!

Henry was given a high chair from my aunt Johanna, and he loves it! I thought he might still be a bit little for it, but Johanna mentioned that she always had a cushion or two padding out the seat, and that worked perfectly.

Okay, so he looks slightly unimpressed here, but he's developed this habit of grinning at me like a fool, then stopping as soon as I point the camera at him.

He really seems to enjoy hanging out on our level, especially while we're eating dinner:

how to make gif

And here's another present from Johanna, a lovely quilt for tummy time:

I am constantly trying to convince the dog that tummy time is not really for her, but to no avail. I guess it's nice that she wants to be involved.


Henry's also been spending a bit of time in his walker - propped up with pillows yet again.

He looks so professional with his toys on the little table in front of him, and he always seems so serious about playing. It's very important business. I guess that hair is pretty unprofessional, though.


Andy is here at the moment, we've pretty much just being hanging out and relaxing. We did some hardcore reminiscing last night over dinner, trying to recall every song we ever played, and all the interesting shows we did. We had some pretty awesome times, that's for sure.

Anyway, we will probably do a bit of touristy stuff over the weekend - go to the swimming pool in Hofsos, maybe have some nice dinner in Siglufjordur if we can be bothered driving that far. Otherwise it'll just be more relaxing and doing not much. I will take photos, though, I promise!


Ooh, I finally figured out how to get the photos off of my iPod, so for comparison's sake, here's how very tiny the dude used to be:

Yup, he was not very big.


Vicki said...

The animated gif thingy makes me laugh so much.

Unnur said...

Aaaahh! My beautiful boy is just so gorgeous. I do like that he's so serious, reminds me of you guys especially Kristinn. Have heaps of fun with Andy, you guys are so lucky to have those shared memories and then to be making more with Henry. Love you lots!!! Thanks for the blog.

soda said...

very unprofessional.