Monday, September 26, 2011


Here's an awesome thing that exists:

The Boardgame Remix Kit - do you own Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble and Cluedo? Are you sick to death of all those games? This kit has a bunch of tweaks and mash ups to make them interesting again - such a neat idea.


Sorry it has been seven hundred and fifteen years* since my last post... I don't have any specific excuse for not posting, not that excuses make much of a difference, anyway. So let's move on!
* No, it hasn't.

What is new? Henry had his first swimming lesson last Tuesday, it went pretty well overall. It's not so much teaching him to swim on his own, it's more like exercises and just getting used to being in the water. I think eventually he does go underwater, but that won't be for a while yet. (I explained all this to my grandma, from her questions it seems like she thought we would just throw him in the water and see how he went.)

The class turned out to be about nine mothers, and one other dad apart from Ross. Since we were up at the (indoor) hospital swimming pool, the change rooms are really small, so the teacher recommended that dads take babies into their change room wherever possible. So Ross and the other dude Einar had to figure out how to shower themselves and the little dudes without hurting anyone, while me and Einar's wife breezed through and waited in the pool for everyone else.

Henry was a bit nonplussed at first, which I wasn't expecting, as he's been really engaging with everything lately. I guess the newness of the whole experience overwhelmed him a little bit to start with. After a little while in the pool, he splashed around a bit and seemed happier. 
The exercises were just floating the babies around in different positions, moving them in all sorts of directions (including straight up out of the water, ouch my weak arms!) and just generally letting them flop about the place. After we went over all the moves, we did them again, but this time in song form - I don't know many Icelandic kids' songs, but luckily they're mostly familiar tunes, so you can pretty much just make up your own words.

We also did that neat thing where you grab the baby's feet and boost them out of the water, so they end up standing up on your hand. I must take a photo once we get that one perfected!
I'm going to go and buy a disposable underwater camera today, so tomorrow I can take pictures while still being involved in the lesson.


Ross helped out at the farm yesterday, as Andres was weighing sheep for slaughter this week. Henry, Amma and I also popped up for a visit and to give Henry his first taste (and smell) of the farm. He seemed pretty interested in the sheep, but then again, he's pretty interested in the cushions on the couch, so let's not jump to conclusions about his future as a farmer.
This has made for the third weekend in a row where Ross is not exactly resting or relaxing - true, some of the weekends have been filled with fun and excitement, but I still imagine it must be a bit exhausting. Anyway, I'm sure he will soldier on as usual, and there'll definitely be a weekend or two in October when we will do NOTHING at all.


Oh man, I nearly forgot. Saturday night, Henry went to sleep at around 8pm, a pretty usual occurrence. He then woke up at 10pm and was awake and insane and hyper for three and a half hours (NOT a usual occurrence, thank goodness!) It was so bizarre, Ross managed to put him down again around midnight, but he woke up with a scream about three minutes later, then was nothing but wild eyes and darting arms until he finally dropped at half past one. I don't remember eating or drinking anything unusual, unless somebody slipped some crack into my coffee that morning... Totally weird.

Anyway, we got a bit terrified last night that it would happen again, but thankfully, no. Just regular old sleepiness and a couple of midnight cuddles. Yay for sleep! Also, yay for the fact that the not sleeping happened on a Saturday night, which is about the only time I don't feel guilty about making Ross get up with the baby.


What else? Andy arrives on Wednesday, and he's getting a flight to Akureyri that night so Vicki and I are going to do a big shop and then pick him up. It'll be really good to see him, I think he's looking forward to a relaxing holiday with us and the dude. 

And I think that's it for now. I'm off to buy a new wine-making kit and a disposable camera. Plus, judging by the noises that just emanated from my son, it might be time for a nappy change.

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Unnur said...

Aah! I love your posts. Please drive carefully when you go to Akureyri!!! Can't wait to see the photos from swimming lessons. Andy will love playing with and for Henry. See you on Skype.