Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It takes a village to raise a child...

I always read A Cup of Jo, and she has this regular series called Motherhood Mondays. And of course she writes questions at the end of each post, and I think about commenting, but then I click on the bit where it says 314 comments, and I think, what's the point? Surely she doesn't read them all. So when she does ask something that I have an opinion on, maybe I'll just post it here.

This week, she talks about where you want to raise your kids. At the moment, she is in New York, which is a totally exciting and awesome place, but she and her husband both seem to be questioning whether it's a good place to say, teach a five year old to ride a bike. And I guess my only comment would have been 'hey, I totally did this thing, too! I was living in a fun-and-exciting place to live, but I just traded it in for a not-so-exciting-but-hopefully-safer-and-happier place to live.'

I vividly remember* having a conversation with my cousin Maja when we were both living here in 2002. We were both just seeing the world and enjoying being free, and I couldn't possibly imagine why anyone would move to Sauðárkrókur (and stay here) on purpose... I mean, there are only 3000ish people here in total, and most of the younger ones have moved away, and many of those who haven't moved away have never even gone anywhere else. Ever!

* Hey Maja, if we never actually had this conversation, feel free to disillusion me. It's entirely possible that I imagined it.

But I guess the point is that it totally depends on what you're looking for; yes, if you are young and want to have a varied social life, then perhaps a tiny town with one bar (and two shitty cover bands that play there) is not for you. But if you're looking for a quiet little place where everyone tends to look out for each other, where there's a tonne of relatives and old school friends and friends of friends around to give advice (and baby clothes), and where it'll be pretty easy to teach a kid to ride a bike without getting run over, then maybe this is a pretty okay place to be.


Unnur said...

I think Saudarkrokur is a beautiful place to raise children. There you experience family, seasons, ocean, hills, mountains, safety, healthy air and healthy food. Enjoy it guys, Australia will wait for you. We miss you lots but it's only12 weeks until I can give yous a cuddle.

soda said...

it sounds like the best, olga! also that photo looks reason enough to live there, amazing.

Maja said...

We definitely had that conversation!

S'krokur is a great place to raise kids for sure. I think Perth is too. For me, it's about my career. S'krokur doesn't have job opportunities for me in my field like Perth does. I also found the long dark winter really depressing.

When i lived in Iceland i decided that i wanted to live where my parents live. Still do! Jason would love nothing more than to buy a house on some acreage down south but i'm not interested unless my parents did the same!

When jj and i have kids we will take them to live in Iceland for a year or two like my parents did for us. That was a great experience for me.

northern musings said...

Just to put my penneth worth in - this villager is very glad that little Henry is being raised here!

olga said...

Yep mum, not long now!

Soda, if you're ever in the area, come see it, the view is much better in person!

Maja: good points, especially regarding your mum and dad! That is by far the biggest downside of being here at the moment...

I think we'd like to live in Perth again at some point, perhaps a house swap is in order - in a few years' time, of course...?

Sigga, right back at you!