Thursday, September 1, 2011


Argh, blogger looks different, what do I do? Okay, deep calming breaths, I should be able to cope with a little bit of change.

Speaking of change, here's a picture with me in it for once! Exciting times.

So, what is up?

I have been trying to get into the habit of taking both the boy and the puppy out for a walk every day. So far I've been pleasantly surprised by how good Nina is on the leash. I guess it's easier to remember to heel when there's a big old pram in the way of your wandering.

She got a little bit bummed out when I went to the mothers' meeting on Tuesday. She got all excited while I was getting the pram out*, because she was convinced that she was coming too. It wasn't until I closed the front door on her that she finally got it, whereupon she whined piteously. Poor little love.

* Which, by the way is about a seven step process - I picked out the pram I wanted on the internet, and Dad picked it up in Reykjavik. He made sure that the pram fitted in the boot of the car, but unfortunately I forgot that old houses like ours have really narrow front doors. So the pram lives in the basement, but it's too steep to just drive it out with Henry inside.

So our leaving process goes like this:
Step one: Take pram outside.
Step two: Bring dog back inside after she chased you out when you took the pram.
Step three: Take Henry outside.
Step four: Bring Nina back inside again so you can put a leash on her.
Step five: Take Nina outside.
Step six: Realise that Henry has just messed up his nappy, take him back in, change him, and repeat steps three to five.

I'm not really complaining, the whole process is worth it once you're outside in the fresh air. I just find it kind of comical how long it actually takes me to leave the house nowadays. So long, punctuality. But then again, hello best excuse ever for non-punctuality!


In other news, Henry has been a bit fussy lately - today he cried nonstop for what felt like hours but was probably only one... Okay, okay, maybe half of one. I definitely count myself lucky that that happens so rarely so as to be a major event when it does happen. But still, crying sucks. I think it's a combination of a bellyache and maybe even teething? Three months is pretty early for teething, but it does happen, and he's doing things like drooling and trying to chew on stuff like, say, your fingers.  Or his own fingers. Or his bear.

I need to go out and buy him a teething ring of some description - I keep wanting to say chew toy, but no, that'd be the dog version. Maybe he and Nina could share? Sharing is a good skill to learn, so the earlier the better, right?


We'll be getting some more guests soon - Joe and Andy both booked cheap flights, and Ross' dad and aunt will be here at the same time! We're going to try to make sausages while we have the expertise available, although it's been a bit of a hassle trying to source intestines and pig meat in bulk. I talked to the butcher they other day, but he only had marinated spare ribs (ew) and plastic sausage casings (double ew).
I finally called the slaughterhouse direct, and the guy was really helpful - apparently they do process lamb intestines, but only for export purposes, and while they aren't slaughtering pigs anytime soon, they have some meat on hand. So if I phone back next week, he should be able to help us out on both counts. Yay!

Apart from that, we haven't got too much planned for their visit. I'm guessing Henry can provide a bit of entertainment, and then we'll just wing it and see what everyone feels like doing. I think regardless of what we do, it'll just be awesome to hang out and catch up.


And finally I had to share this, because I realised it wasn't apparent on the previous bear photo:

The bear suit has paws. Oh man, so cute... Also, way more convenient than mittens!


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Unnur said...

I love your blogs especially when there are photos. I can visualise the getting outside process, I'm sure it'll get easier as you get more practice. have you taken Henry berry picking? A must for every Icelander!!
Maybe berries could be Henry's first solid food? The bear suit is cute but H would look cute in anything! Love you guys lots!!