Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well then. The answer to: will I post every day this month? is a resounding NO! Sorry dudes, I meant well, honest.


Anyway, we had an awesome day yesterday. We pottered around in the morning, then I went to the Red Cross as soon as it opened and got a bag of bargains. I did find some black jeans that fitted perfectly around the waist, but when I tried them on at home (and in front of a mirror) I discovered that they were in fact hideously bootlegged. I'm not anti-bootleg in all cases, but these just looked like weird triangles on the end of my pants. No good.

We then went up the hill to visit Gerry and Edda, and had a nice afternoon there. I mentioned the op shopping to Edda, and she said that she had always meant to go, but never got around to it. Given that I cared exactly zero much about the soccer result, we decided to head back down and have a look around. Of course I managed to buy another bag of stuff, in this case including a dark blue pair of jeans that are much less weird. And by less weird, I mean pretty awesome. They are what I would describe as 'Mum jeans', but I think that's more to do with the fact that my childhood happened in the eighties when women wore high waisted jeans, than any inherent mum-ness of the jeans themselves.

I think I'd like to have a go at altering clothes, such as the aforementioned weird black jeans - sewing skills would be so good to have... Like knitting, only you don't have to make the fabric from scratch! Vicki has promised me the use of her sewing machine PLUS babysitting while I figure out how to use it. Good deal!


Today we had a very lazy morning, then a bacon and egg breakfast, followed by mega clean up times. It feels lovely to have a tidy place, and now we just have to finish setting up the beds for our guests who arrive this week! Exciting!

There are no new photos of Henry, so unfortunately I won't be posting anything of the sort today. I tried again to post a video, but I must need to compress them more before they'll work. Maybe that'll be my mission tomorrow...

Ooh, and finally Happy Fathers' Day to my dad, your dad and of course my lovely husband Ross who is celebrating it for the first time... Although it's not a really big deal over here, so I didn't realise it was happening, and therefore had nothing awesome planned. Oops. Sorry, my love.


Unnur said...

Happy fathers day Ross! Glad you got some bargains at the op shop.

Maja said...

Mum jeans: I know what you mean!