Sunday, August 14, 2011

Three hundred club...

Hello again.
What is up where you are? It's the same old routine here, Ross is still on holidays so we are living in bliss - we hang out and eat and watch The Wire and try to sleep when we can.

I figured Henry was awesome at sleeping as is, he only wakes up a couple of times, usually around two-ish and five-ish. Then the other night he stayed at his Nanna's house, and he slept from ten til five, non-stop! He has a more spacious cot there, so maybe that made a difference... I suspect the main disruption to his sleep might be me - I pick him up too quickly when he fusses, whereas if I left him, he'd probably go back to sleep. I experimented last night with leaving him a bit longer, and it seemed to work pretty well. Here's hoping for a full night's sleep one day soon.

Henry's super talkative at the moment, lots of cooing and squealing, especially when he's in his crib. He also seems to have a better grasp (ooh, unintentional pun!) on what his hands are and how to work them. He likes to shove his whole fist in his mouth, and lately he's been trying to grab things: noses, fingers, hair, scarves, ears, etc. Fun times.


What else? Nina betrayed her friend the gross bunny, and ripped him to shreds. We found it comical and photo worthy.

I restuffed him and sewed the ears back on, but then she ripped his face off. Nice doggie.


We went to the music festival Gæran on Friday night - the music was mostly unimpressive, but it was good to get out of the house. The only bummer was when Ross got racially abused by a random drunk guy (he told me that he was unimpressed that I was dating a black man - what? 'What' on so many levels...) Apparently that guy is a bit of an obnoxious feature around town, so we're not too hurt by it. Whatevs, random man.


Aaaand, here's some more Henry to round out the post. The rug that he's lying on is one that my great aunt Guja crocheted for him. Amma gave her a bag of mismatched ends of yarn, and she somehow made all the colours work together. Talented lady.

P.S. Did you know that this was my 300th post? Don't worry, I wouldn't have known, either, except that Blogger keeps track for me. Also, it's nearly three years since I started the blog - nuts, hey?


Vicki said...

Or maybe Henry thought Nanna was just too old to be getting up during the night!

Anonymous said...

here is a fun fact - baby babble sounds exactly the same in all languages! Russian, Japanese, English and even Deaf babies all make the same patterns of noises.
Pretty cool!

Unnur said...

Can Henry come to our place for a sleepover??? He's just so gorgeous on the photos. Love him to bits.

Unnur said...

Can Henry come to our place for a sleepover??? He's just so gorgeous on the photos. Love him to bits.

Maja said...

Henry's face is kinda changing, he looks a little different to other photos i've seen. They grow up so fast!

Imagine how ignorant that dickhead at the festival must be if he thinks Ross is black. It makes me so mad that such a waste of space of a person exists. I'm picturing myself reacting by punching him in the face (buffy style - i'm re-watching the entire series) or saying i'm disappointed that he is such a dick. And yet confrontation make me nervous. Bah.

I had a dream about Henry the other night. So can't wait to come and meet him!

Gil Liane said...

I had to read your post twice, I couldn't stop laughing. First time I was like, oh, for a minute I thought Olga just said Ross is a black man... wait, it did say that. I'm sorry, but that's HILARIOUS. Well, not the part where the drunk abused you (!!), but when you imagine someone yelling/ranting at you and Ross for a loony pointless reason, "because Ross is black" does NOT come to mind!!