Sunday, August 7, 2011

"It's much too late to do anything about rock & roll now ..." - Jerry Garcia

Not much to report here in sunny old S'krok - although by gosh, it was indeed sunny today, which I guess is newsworthy! We all took a walk to Vicki's house to meet her current visitors, three Australian ladies who are travelling around the world. It's always lovely to hear an accent from home, and they were all really lovely.

On the way home we passed the new pub/ restaurant, and saw that they were advertising burgers! Don't know if I mentioned the place before, it's called the Hard Wok Cafe (har de har), and it's one of the few places in town that isn't owned by the Olafshus monopoly. It opened earlier this year, and I really wanted to support it, but they usually serve a mishmash of Asian foods, and I wasn't really that impressed when we went.

So yay for burgers! They were pretty okay, and it was nice to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by. Some of the world that went by turned out to be Amma and Sigga, and they came in to join us for lunch.
I even left Henry in his pram outside, as per Icelandic custom - although I was a bit paranoid that he'd wake up and cry and everyone would think I was a terrible mother. Didn't happen though, he slept quite happily while we ate. Winner.

The boy continues to be totally adorable, seen here wearing a Ramones shirt sent to him by his aunt Victoria in London. H&M's baby stuff is pretty amazing - Henry has been given quite a few things from there, and they're all really cute and comfortable and easy to put on*.

* A super good feature in baby clothes. I'm getting better at it, but am still a little bit nervous that I'm going to break something important**.

** Ross just asked which bits aren't important. Good point.

The debate still rages on about who he looks like, we hear different opinions all the time. I can't really tell, he just looks like himself to me. I was thinking, though, maybe people think he looks more like me because of his colouring - it's kind of hard to look past the blue eyes and blonde-ish hair. He definitely has olive skin though. Who knows? All I know is he's the cutest ever.


northern musings said...

He is the cutest little man in the universe! I agree with you - he looks like himself!

Unnur said...

Ditto! He's the cutest! Looks a bit like the Jonssons I reckon and a bit like the Di Blasios- funny that. Enjoy the sunshine. Any berries???