Monday, August 1, 2011

Green is not a creative colour...

Hello again! As Maja said re: blogging - the longer I leave it, the longer I leave it! So here's a bunch of photos.

I think the dude's hair is still getting lighter, it's almost the same colour as mine! 

Someone told Amma that sleeping with your arms above your head is bad for you, so every time she sees him like this, she tries to put them down. Unfortunately, that's nearly all the time - I figure if he was uncomfortable, he'd either change position himself or cry until I moved him, right?

Also, this photo illustrates what Ross and I just realised about body proportions in babies - his arms are the same length as his head! How cute is that? A: Very.

Nina has a stuffed bunny with no arms. It is pretty gross, and she loves it.

Henry tried on a christening dress that Amma has been knitting for years... Literal, actual years - I'm not sure who's going to wear it, but I already told her it wouldn't be Henry. He was just the model to see if it will fit a small person, and as you can see, it did!

As you can also see from the photo, he was pretty unimpressed with the whole deal.

Henry and Nina do tummy time, yeah!

So yeah. That's our life in pictures at the moment... And as I write it out like that and then look at the pictures, I realise that maybe I should get out of the house more. On the other hand, although there is more to life than puppies and babies and gross stuffed bunnies, I'll have plenty of time to do all that other stuff later. This life is still pretty entertaining for now.


There were two things on the internet today that made us laugh loudly.


And this:

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared from This Is It on Vimeo.


KH said...

Nephew: killin' it! As are those videos.

northern musings said...

Strange that about sleeping with your arms above your head - I tend to sleep that way - obviously it was ok for me.....

Great photos....

and why is Green not creative?

olga said...

Sigga, it's a line from the second video... At first glance it looks like a silly kids' show, but if you watch it until the end, it gets pretty awesomely funny.

Gosh I love the internet.