Saturday, August 27, 2011

Get out in the sunshine, and get vitamin D; I'm good for your eyes, I'm good for your bones...

Here's vitamin E!

Got a package the other day from Mum - nursing tops ahoy! I have found it rather difficult to find good quality (but reasonably priced) clothes here in Iceland, so huzzah for overseas suppliers of stuff! Also Henry got an awesome outfit and a book that is a dog. It's also about a dog, so that makes sense.


The dude and I went to the mother's group on Monday and it was really fun! There were six other ladies there, five with boys and one lonely girl. Henry was by far the youngest, so he mostly sat with me while the other kids played together, but he seemed pretty interested in watching everyone else. Also, it was awesome to get out of the house and talk to people.

And it's good to get other people's opinions: Henry has been taking vitamin D drops for about a month now, I'm not sure if babies all over the world have to do that, but they were strongly recommended by the midwives here. Unfortunately, they play havoc with his stomach, so the poor little dude hasn't been sleeping very well lately.
Anyway, I mentioned it at the group, and the general consensus was that they're not worth the effort. Babies this young get upset tummies, so most of the mums just waited until the little ones started eating real food, and gave them cod liver oil instead.

I did some looking around on the internets, and the idea seems to be that there isn't usually enough vitamin D in breastmilk because the mothers aren't getting enough. But given that there isn't that much sunlight here to begin with, people (including me) are all taking some form of supplement on a daily basis. So maybe I have more vitamin D in my milk than say, someone in Perth - you wouldn't expect to be deficient in such a sunny place, but with the super emphasis on slip, slop, slap, people probably don't get much real sun exposure in the end.*

Anyway, the point of the above speculative rant is: I hope Henry doesn't get rickets, but I don't think he will.

* Did I just become one of those people who bandies about stupid ideas that could do more harm than good? Oops, my contradictions are showing.


In other news, I have been suffering from the toothache from hell for most of the past week. It started aching a bit on Friday night last week (natch), so on Monday I called up for an appointment at the dentist. They offered one on the following Monday, but that night the pain got heaps worse, so I phoned again on Tuesday, and they found me a time slot for Wednesday.

Tuesday night was the longest and most pain-filled night ever, even worse than that one where I was in labour. I had forgotten how bad toothaches can be - there should definitely be a separate word for that kind of pain. I went on a website to look at home remedies for toothache  - my favourite suggestion was Vicodin! Um, yeah... I don't think that counts as a 'home remedy'. I found a combination of things that eased the pain enough to sleep a bit, but by 'a bit', I mean maybe one hour total, in five to ten minute blocks. UGH.

Went in on Wednesday, totally sleep deprived and still in agony, and the guy numbed my mouth, filled a tooth and sent me home. Yay! I slept for a couple of hours while the anaesthetic was still working, then it was alright for a little while longer, then the pain just came back and brought along a bunch of painful friends... 

So Wednesday night Ross drove me to the hospital to get some painkillers, which then didn't work (alas, they were not Vicodin), so I got my uncle's wife to phone them for me and demand some better painkillers, or even that they check me in and sedate me. It was such a horrible feeling, nothing was helping me feel better, and I was so exhausted and befuddled by pain that I couldn't even think straight. At least with childbirth, all the pain was leading up to a reward, there were people looking after me and there were intervals where I actually felt okay and could rest.

Anyway, the doctor on call phoned the dentist, so at ten pm I went in and he did what I suspect may have been a root canal? Oh my gosh, that anaesthetic was pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. So it turns out it was the tooth NEXT to the one he filled that was causing the trouble - well done, dentist man!
So he fixed it all and sent me home, and Ross slept downstairs with the dude so that I could get a proper night's sleep. It was amazing. 

My conclusion: toothache = worse than childbirth. Or more accurately, this particular toothache was worse than my particular childbirth.


I was trying to upload a video so that I didn't have to end on that note, but it doesn't seem to be working... Oh well, nevermind, I've been meaning to post this post for about three days now, no more putting it off for whatever reason!


Gil Liane said...

OH MY GOD i feel your toothache pain!! I have had many a toothache disaster, & I agree, it's surprising how excruciating they can be- and they love to hit on a Friday nite... once a dentist was about to do a filling & I got into an argument that it was the wrong tooth- and someone had marked the wrong details down in the notes they work from? (WOOPS). I think getting caps hurts the most. Or when the needle accidentally hits a nerve. Or when you have a bad reaction to the anaesthetic. I feel so bad for you & all that pain, cause nursing mothers don't need all that extra sleeplessness!! Poor Olga :( I am sending you healing vibes- hope that is your once a decade dental emergency quota over with!

Gil Liane said...


Anja said...

Oh no, poor Olga! That sounds really nasty. Thank God the second dentist was clever enough to fix it right away. And yes, I agree there should be a more differentiated word scale for pain. I fell over the other day and hurt my knees and my foot. I have bruises and a small wound which hurts but in comparison to your tooth ache it aint nearly as bad and constant. hope you got to catch up on all that sleep! And treat yourself to something nice! xx

Anonymous said...

WAGGH I had that song in my head this morning.

Also, glad your tooth is better.

On the note about vitamin D, I'm going outside.

Maja said...

Yes toothaches are the worst! One of my wisdom teeth painfully came through while i was away on a drivers course for the army. I was crying for my mummy, literally! At the age of 19...

JJ was super grumpy with the pain when he first got his braces.

Glad you got that sorted!

So did you end up having any drugs for the childbirth?

Unnur said...

You poor love! Apparently kidney stones are up there with childbirth and toothache! Give your guys a cuddle from us. Love you lots!

olga said...

Oh Gill, you sound like you've had way worse dentist times than me... Needle hits a nerve? No thank you!

Anja, it was actually the same guy! And I have to say he was not that apologetic about getting the wrong tooth first...

I'm guessing that anonymous is Anna - that song pretty much appears in my head all the time.

Maja: Ack, it was pretty much exactly like that, but without words, just wails.
And yeah, I tried the gas but didn't like it, and ended up getting an epidural, which I LOVED. Yay for drugs!

Mum - hopefully I never have to find out how kidney stones compare to the above!


KH said...

Oh man I am glad your toothache got dealt with. I have this weird one that comes and goes, from this super deep filling I have in one tooth. When it's bad it's the worst pain imaginable, absolutely dominating your existence.

But I guess the upshot is, if I could survive that, I now know I could handle childbirth.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your tooth has been fixed. owies!
As for vitamin D, the docs too reccomended Luke take them, but when I questioned them as to why (because it is in my breastmilk, as I take a nursing supplement), they coldn't answer me. So I decided not to give it to him.
I have started him on cod liver oil since he was 4 months, I give him about 1/4tsp per day. It's great for vitamins a and d, adnd also omega 3s. It's good to get the liquid stuff you keep in the fridge, and spend a bit more money on it. The cheaper stuff is highly processed, and they end up adding artificial vitamins, bcs theyve killed off all the naural stuff. I think we use Arctic Cod Liver Oil or something.
There's my two cents :)
Mother's group is great for things like this, knowledge is power, etc etc.
Glad to see Henry is doing so well, he is mighty cute!!