Friday, August 19, 2011

Exit, pursued by a bear...

Oh my gosh, my uncle Jon Erik and his family sent us the cutest outfit ever - it's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!*

Seriously, it's like having a live teddy bear, all squishy and soft and warm... Look! Lookit the tail!

* We watched Despicable Me last night, and I may or may not have cried at the end. I do love a good kids' movie. 

Oh, that face. It's a bit weird though, because I can't tell whether it's supposed to be an outfit in itself, or something to wear over his normal clothes. If I was wearing a bear suit, it would go over my real clothes, but I have a feeling Henry could wear this as a fuzzy onesie. And he may have to do so ALL the time from now until he grows out of it!

What else? We went to the doctor's for another checkup, and Mr. Henry now weighs 6.26 kilos and is 62cm long! Again, I have no real frame of reference, but I believe that's quite a respectable growth spurt.
There was another mum with a baby in the waiting room, who turned out to be the girlfriend of a guy we work with at Fisk. Her kid was five months old, I think, and he was only a little bit taller than Henry - his head was waaaay bigger though, and he was almost totally bald. Yay for cute Henry and his mop of hair!

The nurse also mentioned that he was still written in the computer as Boy unchristened - we (okay, I) haven't gotten around to trying to sort out a christening, as I don't think we're fussed either way. Anyway, the nurse kindly pointed out that some people don't realise that the baby's name has to be registered in the Þjóðskrá, it's not enough to just write it down at the hospital.
Ha ha, yep, 'some people' would indeed be me. I figured I probably had to do that somewhere, but I don't think they dob you in for child negligence until you have a six-month-old nameless baby.

So I went and registered him yesterday, and then it isn't such a big deal if we have a christening later or not. The main issue is that the people we want to be godparents are a) both living in other countries and b) not especially religious, although that's not really the point for us, anyway. If I could find a good secular word for 'someone who will be a good influence on my child's life, help teach him how to be a kind-hearted human and give him sound advice when he won't listen to his parents', then I would use that... Suggestions welcome in the comments!

What else? I have joined a 'Mums in Sauðárkrókur' group on facebook, and as a result, I will be doing some socializing soon! I am pretty bad at putting myself forward and making new friends. Most of the time I'm quite happy with that, but every once in a while I feel like a bit of a sad case. Also, it'll be good to get some advice from other people, and Henry can play with some other kids! Good times all round, I think.


northern musings said...

Just too cute to be real, but he is - just the greatest and the bear thing! The best!

Unnur said...

I love my wee bear. We did a Three bears rap for our assembly item. Henry would have been perfect wee bear. He's so cute I could eat him.
Need photos of you Olga. Love you all.

soda said...

that. is. AMAZING.

Maja said...

Wow, he belongs in that teddy bear suit for sure!

Can't think of a secular word for god-parents... The connotation is what matters anyway, not the jargon.

I'm sure mothers group will be fun :)

Anonymous said...

we called our people fairy godparents!