Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have been reading lots of parenting blogs lately, and I've realised I am totally hooked on reading tips for travelling with babies. Anytime there's an article on planes, trains and minis, I am there. I think it's because I dream* of being on a plane to Australia with Ross and the little dude...

* Not literally. My actual dreams lately have been repeatedly about The Wire. We are rewatching it at the moment, and it's clearly taking up too much of my brain space. But man, how good is that show? I can't believe I forgot how awesome Lester is.

So anyway, when we do finally go to Australia, I promise my fellow travellers the most relaxed flight ever. Hmm, I guess I can't guarantee that, but I can promise that I will try the best I can to make sure that we aren't the ones making an already hellish flight worse. I think that's the main thing - people can sort of forgive a crying baby, as long as you're making an effort to do something about it!

Anyway, apart from lists of what to bring on an airplane, parenting blogs can be pretty insane. Just about every day, I read a new theory on what causes autism.
Actual examples: Pacifiers. Or maybe a lack of vitamin D. Oh yeah, or it might be a lack of pre-natal vitamins maybe? Or taking anti-depressants - again, before you even get pregnant. And don't even get me started about vaccines.
Sorry about the negativity,  I guess autism is one of those things that people still don't understand, and it really gets me when people bandy about stupid ideas that can cause more harm than good.

Enough of that. Henry is a bit cranky at the moment, and while I haven't managed to take a picture of his ultimate sad face (hint: it looks like the saddest cartoon sad face you ever saw), here's one I prepared earlier...


Maja said...

That is such a cute photo!

The autism thing gives me the shits too. I think it comes down to people wanting to have sOmeone to blame. It's like i was reading about the inquest into the lockyer valley floods and people are saying "someone has to be responsible." like someone could control the weather.

eva.diblasio said...

Hey Olga,

Just so you know..I cant get enough Henry Photos, he is just so adorable, happy or sad..or cartoon faced. ;)