Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The verdict is in...

Well. The midwife came over the other day to check on Henry and she confirmed what we all suspected to be true: He is in fact the best little dude ever. This was the midwife who just got back from summer holidays,  so it was the first time she'd met him, and she seemed impressed by how grown up he is for his age. He holds his head up, really focusses on things around him, and has started making some pretty adorable gurgly cooing noises.

She said he must have been getting lots of attention and stimulation to be so advanced - true. He hardly even gets put down, he mostly gets passed from one doting relative to another.

He especially loves these dinosaurs next to his change table - thanks, Aunt Anna!

 And yes, I'm guessing a big part of a midwife's job is to say nice things to all the new mothers about their babies, but I don't mind and neither should you.


What else? It's getting close to when Mum and Dad go back to Australia - boo! They have been totally amazing and helpful - Mum has been doing all the housework and Dad has made the cellar into a bathroom (I'll take some photos, it is pretty impressive work)! Plus they've both been spending lots of time with Henry, burping him, singing Icelandic lullabies for him and watching him so that I get to go do fun things like have showers...
And they've helped me realise how incredibly lucky we are to have such a great little dude - apparently babies are mostly much more difficult than Henry. And nowhere near as handsome.


Ross was supposed to start summer holidays last Friday, but he and Gerry (our Scottish friend) got asked to work another two weeks doing bits and pieces around the factory. He gets paid overtime rates, so of course he said yes. It's always good to get a bit more cash to pay off the mortgage quicker, but I can't wait until he does go on holiday!

Luckily, there'll still be three weeks left of summer holidays, and then he's taking another two weeks of paternity leave, so we still get five weeks off together. And it's before we get any visitors, so it'll be just the three of us at home - sounds lovely, yes? I think we'll mostly just potter around, but maybe we'll do a bit of road tripping, too. Henry loves riding in the car, and we've been enjoying seeing more of Iceland on our Sunday drives.

And that's about it for now - time for lunch and maybe a walk? Or maybe some tiramisu ice cream instead...

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Maja said...

It all sounds dreamy and wonderful! Lucky you, getting showers and everything! Xx