Friday, July 8, 2011


Okay, so let's go from a million photos per post to none! You can pretend I'm doing it for your benefit, so my blog doesn't take hours to load, but in fact it's because Ross likes to read new posts when he comes home, and I'm pinned under a sleeping Henry - so I must write a post now, but I can't reach the camera. Also, totally typing one handed, soooooo sloooooooow.

Hey so what is up? I have become the laziest human ever, I just seem to while away time during the day until all of a sudden it's afternoon and I haven't even left the house! The two exciting things I did this week were getting a haircut and taking the dog to the vet.

 New hair, and a wave from Henry - no I didn't take the photo while breastfeeding, 
although it kind of looks that way... I'm not that good at multitasking.

Anyway, Ross said he likes the hair, I am still kind of getting used to it. I realised there aren't any mirrors in the lounge/ kitchen areas, so I haven't really seen enough of myself to adapt yet. I think it's cute, as long as I ruffle it up the right way - I think maybe it looks a bit too old-lady-esque if I do it wrong.

And yes, poor Nina went and got spayed on Wednesday - she was hilariously doped up that afternoon, then a bit pitiful and sore on Thursday, but luckily she's pretty much back to her normal perky self today. The vet said it was easier on her because she's so young, which is a relief, because it was pretty awful to see her so miserable...
And then I realised that that whole childbirth thing must have been terrible for Ross - take my feelings for sad Nina, multiply them by a whole bunch and then extend it for a day and a night. I almost* feel like I had it easier, because at least I was doing something. Ross just had to watch me be in pain. It was all worth it in the end, though...

*that is a pretty big ALMOST.


What else? Ross and I went to Skagastrond last Sunday - it is becoming a little bit of a ritual to get out of town, although I don't know what we're going to do once we run out of small towns nearby.
It was a pretty nice place, we went to this pub/ museum/ restaurant/ venue called Kántrýbær - and if you pronounce that out loud and translate the last part, it becomes Country town!
I cannot recommend it highly enough, unless of course you don't enjoy cheesy theme bars, in which case I do not recommend it at all. As for us, we are going there for my birthday this year. And possibly the year after that, too. So cheeseball and awesome. Plus there were some genuine, slightly mad local characters who rocked up and started awkward conversations with some of the other tourists, so that was entertaining. 


Okay, time to go cook some dinner. What does one make with mince? Maybe I'll improvise and see what we end up with... My prediction? Pizza.


Vicki said...

I just finished watching the movie Köldum Klaka and Kántrýbær featured in it...I thought they were probably exaggerating the style of the place but perhaps not!

Anja said...

I love your new haircut! I cut my hair the other day too, always feels so refreshing. is Henrys hair getting blonder/lighter? Much love to you three from Berlin (another small town you can go to for the weekend). xxx

Maja said...

Kántrýbær was shut last time I was in Skagaströnd. Was dying to check it out though!

Laze the days away, Kiddo, that´s what life should be all about! If you can. Can´t wait to come hang out with you guys. Have I mentioned how much JJ and I love holding babies? We'll take him off your hands for a while when we come for a visit.

Your hair looks great! I find when I have a haircut I kinda don't like it that much but then it grows half a centimetre and I love it. You will love your hair in a week or so.

Poor little Nina, let's not think about dog spaying too much.

Mince: chilli con carne or spaghetti. Or tacos! I made spaghetti the other night, it was delish. Onion, garlic, mince, salt, peppa, fennel seeds, canned tomatoes and tomato paste. Num.

olga said...

Vicki: Haven't seen the movie, but I'd say it's not an exaggeration - will have to show you some photos!

Anja: Yup, change of hair is so good, makes me feel all summery. I think Henry's hair IS getting lighter, maybe he'll be blonde after all!

Maja: Oh man, we'll totally go when you come visit. And yeah, my plan is that all these visitors will be a) fun distractions and b) free babysitting!
Mince ended up being shepherd's pie - it was a total winner!

Northern musings said...

As you know I love the hair... Poor Nina... she really knew how to push my buttons, but great to see her back at her usual self today...

And .... another brilliant post...

Kantrýbær.... so spes.