Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holidays and sleepy days...

So... What is new?

Ross' first day of holidays is today! Yay!
We're going to Get Stuff Done, like clear out the recycling cupboard, and empty out the shed, and return boxes of clothes to a relative, and get a credit card. Maybe not all today, but at some point these things must be achieved.

We found a lovely old wooden chest in the very back part of the shed - not sure if the guy who owned the house before us bought it, or if it was here before he was, but it's pretty awesome either way. Vicki says it's definitely an antique, so we'll have to be careful when we clean it up.
Anyway, that'll make the rest of the shed-clearing more exciting, who knows what other treasures we'll find?


Mum and Dad have gone back to Australia! Boo!
They volunteered to get bumped from their overbooked Amsterdam - Singapore flight, which means they got a bunch of euros, a free nice hotel for the night, dinner, breakfast and a box of chocolates. Plus an extra afternoon in Amsterdam... It's funny, because Ross' brother once did the same thing at the same airport - seems like they must just always overbook those big flights, just in case.

So, the house feels pretty empty at the moment, although it's better now that Ross is home. I was a bit wary of how we'd all go in a house together again, but it was so incredibly awesome to have them here, and I'm so glad they came. And I can't wait until they come back! I have a feeling it'll be sooner rather than later, but I guess we'll see...


What else? Henry continues to be awesome, although it seems to be a growing concern amongst many of my relatives how much he sleeps. I have heard the phrase 'Wow, he just does not want to wake up, does he?' about a million times. Usually accompanied by some not-so-subtle poking.

It starts off sounding like a compliment, like gee your baby is so nice and chilled out. Then it gets more and more annoyed sounding, as they obviously want to pick him up and play with him and sniff his hair (What? You know that's exactly what you'd do.) But dudes, for serious - if you meet him for one or two hours, and he sleeps during those hours, that does not mean he has a sleeping sickness, so stop implying that he does. It just means he is a baby who naps on and off all day.

Ha, I just read that back and it sounds so defensive. Oops. Oh well, I'm sure you know where I'm coming from.


I think that's probably everything newsworthy, I should get up and start the day already. I've heard that's the best way to Get Stuff Done.


Maja said...

Sleeping = Growing! I'm sure of it. How can sleeping be bad? It's pretty much the best ever. Hmm, I wonder if I should go to sleep. It is 9.32pm after all.

I have a huge list of stuff to get done but now that I'm home I'm annoyed I have to do any of it. But I'm sure I will feel good once the house is vacuumed. The floor is gritty.

Enjoy the Rossy holidays!!

northern musings said...

As you know I love the fact that he is a sleepy happy little baby.. I mean how can he not be "chilled" when he has such fantastic parents!

I got stuff done today - you really need to check it out... Why am I writing this on Blogger?

Also, have set aside "stuff" for you guys which either you take or we organise a trailer and go to the tip together....