Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy or sad?

Aw, so that is pretty sad news about Amy Winehouse. I wasn't really a massive fan or anything, but she had an amazing voice and wrote some great songs. What is really gross is people now commenting on facebook with jokes and snide remarks. It's fine if you didn't like her or won't mourn her or whatever, but it's just icky to laugh about a person's death like that.
I dunno, I think I'm maybe getting a bit too sensitive these days.


Anyway, how about something not so depressing? We went to the doctor today with the short guy, he has put on another half a kilo in the past two weeks! Also, he is 60cm long - what a great dude. He's clearly advanced when it comes to getting big, in addition to everything else.

Someone asked us if we play lots of music for Henry, and I realised that we had hardly played him any at all in the first week or two (remind me to apologise to him if this ruins his chances of excellence in life...)
Anyway, this has been immediately rectified, we're putting on lots of records again - currently listening to the Dumbo soundtrack*. Earlier it was a Studio One compilation, and the other day was DJ Shadow. He'll have broad tastes, if we have anything to do with it.

* Most of it is great fun to listen to, but there is that one song that never fails to make me cry. How effective is it? Just finding the clip to make the link has me in tears. Ack.


Oops, I just uploaded some photos to facebook, which was fine until Ross pointed out that one of them was a total, full frontal, changing table nudie shot. So I took it down, just in case. I'll save it for his friends at his 18th birthday, no need to publish it on the internet just yet. 

Here's some other photos:

Four generations of us...

Taken while trying to get the four generations into the same room.
I think it's one of the nicer photos of me and the dude so far.

For Maja: not crying, just frowning in his sleep. 
I see where you're coming from on this - his sad face is pretty adorable...


And finally, some words of wisdom from the internet:


Gil Liane said...

It's weird how people disassociate normal etiquette when it's a celebrity. I mean, I would never make jokes about a celebrity dying because that is someone's daughter/sister/cousin, you know? But even some really nice/kind friends follow the unspoken rule that celebrities aren't real people, so human decency isn't required. It's a really strange cultural quirk. Also, I frown in my sleep too! Go Henry! :)

Unnur said...

How about playing nursery rhymes for Henry? He's gorgeous and I miss you guys. Love you lots.

Maja said...

Yeah i don't know why people have to be disrespectful about Amy Winehouse's death. What did she do to them? If you haven't got anything nice to say, don't bother.

There are some creepy ppl on flickr! I've had to remove some of my pics that weirdos have favourited. I think now it's all set to friends only and i haven't uploaded anything in forever.

Great photos :) i think there is awesomeness in the full range of human expressions. What would happy faces mean if there were no sad/frowny faces (i love all of them!).

Can't wait to see Henry! (and you guys too!) I've booked our flights to London now! Just gotta do the ones to Iceland! Weehee!!