Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy or sad?

Aw, so that is pretty sad news about Amy Winehouse. I wasn't really a massive fan or anything, but she had an amazing voice and wrote some great songs. What is really gross is people now commenting on facebook with jokes and snide remarks. It's fine if you didn't like her or won't mourn her or whatever, but it's just icky to laugh about a person's death like that.
I dunno, I think I'm maybe getting a bit too sensitive these days.


Anyway, how about something not so depressing? We went to the doctor today with the short guy, he has put on another half a kilo in the past two weeks! Also, he is 60cm long - what a great dude. He's clearly advanced when it comes to getting big, in addition to everything else.

Someone asked us if we play lots of music for Henry, and I realised that we had hardly played him any at all in the first week or two (remind me to apologise to him if this ruins his chances of excellence in life...)
Anyway, this has been immediately rectified, we're putting on lots of records again - currently listening to the Dumbo soundtrack*. Earlier it was a Studio One compilation, and the other day was DJ Shadow. He'll have broad tastes, if we have anything to do with it.

* Most of it is great fun to listen to, but there is that one song that never fails to make me cry. How effective is it? Just finding the clip to make the link has me in tears. Ack.


Oops, I just uploaded some photos to facebook, which was fine until Ross pointed out that one of them was a total, full frontal, changing table nudie shot. So I took it down, just in case. I'll save it for his friends at his 18th birthday, no need to publish it on the internet just yet. 

Here's some other photos:

Four generations of us...

Taken while trying to get the four generations into the same room.
I think it's one of the nicer photos of me and the dude so far.

For Maja: not crying, just frowning in his sleep. 
I see where you're coming from on this - his sad face is pretty adorable...


And finally, some words of wisdom from the internet:

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I just found out how to make gifs...

how to make a gif

The boy, he dances.
Is it possible I might have too much free time on my hands?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Holidays and sleepy days...

So... What is new?

Ross' first day of holidays is today! Yay!
We're going to Get Stuff Done, like clear out the recycling cupboard, and empty out the shed, and return boxes of clothes to a relative, and get a credit card. Maybe not all today, but at some point these things must be achieved.

We found a lovely old wooden chest in the very back part of the shed - not sure if the guy who owned the house before us bought it, or if it was here before he was, but it's pretty awesome either way. Vicki says it's definitely an antique, so we'll have to be careful when we clean it up.
Anyway, that'll make the rest of the shed-clearing more exciting, who knows what other treasures we'll find?


Mum and Dad have gone back to Australia! Boo!
They volunteered to get bumped from their overbooked Amsterdam - Singapore flight, which means they got a bunch of euros, a free nice hotel for the night, dinner, breakfast and a box of chocolates. Plus an extra afternoon in Amsterdam... It's funny, because Ross' brother once did the same thing at the same airport - seems like they must just always overbook those big flights, just in case.

So, the house feels pretty empty at the moment, although it's better now that Ross is home. I was a bit wary of how we'd all go in a house together again, but it was so incredibly awesome to have them here, and I'm so glad they came. And I can't wait until they come back! I have a feeling it'll be sooner rather than later, but I guess we'll see...


What else? Henry continues to be awesome, although it seems to be a growing concern amongst many of my relatives how much he sleeps. I have heard the phrase 'Wow, he just does not want to wake up, does he?' about a million times. Usually accompanied by some not-so-subtle poking.

It starts off sounding like a compliment, like gee your baby is so nice and chilled out. Then it gets more and more annoyed sounding, as they obviously want to pick him up and play with him and sniff his hair (What? You know that's exactly what you'd do.) But dudes, for serious - if you meet him for one or two hours, and he sleeps during those hours, that does not mean he has a sleeping sickness, so stop implying that he does. It just means he is a baby who naps on and off all day.

Ha, I just read that back and it sounds so defensive. Oops. Oh well, I'm sure you know where I'm coming from.


I think that's probably everything newsworthy, I should get up and start the day already. I've heard that's the best way to Get Stuff Done.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The verdict is in...

Well. The midwife came over the other day to check on Henry and she confirmed what we all suspected to be true: He is in fact the best little dude ever. This was the midwife who just got back from summer holidays,  so it was the first time she'd met him, and she seemed impressed by how grown up he is for his age. He holds his head up, really focusses on things around him, and has started making some pretty adorable gurgly cooing noises.

She said he must have been getting lots of attention and stimulation to be so advanced - true. He hardly even gets put down, he mostly gets passed from one doting relative to another.

He especially loves these dinosaurs next to his change table - thanks, Aunt Anna!

 And yes, I'm guessing a big part of a midwife's job is to say nice things to all the new mothers about their babies, but I don't mind and neither should you.


What else? It's getting close to when Mum and Dad go back to Australia - boo! They have been totally amazing and helpful - Mum has been doing all the housework and Dad has made the cellar into a bathroom (I'll take some photos, it is pretty impressive work)! Plus they've both been spending lots of time with Henry, burping him, singing Icelandic lullabies for him and watching him so that I get to go do fun things like have showers...
And they've helped me realise how incredibly lucky we are to have such a great little dude - apparently babies are mostly much more difficult than Henry. And nowhere near as handsome.


Ross was supposed to start summer holidays last Friday, but he and Gerry (our Scottish friend) got asked to work another two weeks doing bits and pieces around the factory. He gets paid overtime rates, so of course he said yes. It's always good to get a bit more cash to pay off the mortgage quicker, but I can't wait until he does go on holiday!

Luckily, there'll still be three weeks left of summer holidays, and then he's taking another two weeks of paternity leave, so we still get five weeks off together. And it's before we get any visitors, so it'll be just the three of us at home - sounds lovely, yes? I think we'll mostly just potter around, but maybe we'll do a bit of road tripping, too. Henry loves riding in the car, and we've been enjoying seeing more of Iceland on our Sunday drives.

And that's about it for now - time for lunch and maybe a walk? Or maybe some tiramisu ice cream instead...

Friday, July 8, 2011


Okay, so let's go from a million photos per post to none! You can pretend I'm doing it for your benefit, so my blog doesn't take hours to load, but in fact it's because Ross likes to read new posts when he comes home, and I'm pinned under a sleeping Henry - so I must write a post now, but I can't reach the camera. Also, totally typing one handed, soooooo sloooooooow.

Hey so what is up? I have become the laziest human ever, I just seem to while away time during the day until all of a sudden it's afternoon and I haven't even left the house! The two exciting things I did this week were getting a haircut and taking the dog to the vet.

 New hair, and a wave from Henry - no I didn't take the photo while breastfeeding, 
although it kind of looks that way... I'm not that good at multitasking.

Anyway, Ross said he likes the hair, I am still kind of getting used to it. I realised there aren't any mirrors in the lounge/ kitchen areas, so I haven't really seen enough of myself to adapt yet. I think it's cute, as long as I ruffle it up the right way - I think maybe it looks a bit too old-lady-esque if I do it wrong.

And yes, poor Nina went and got spayed on Wednesday - she was hilariously doped up that afternoon, then a bit pitiful and sore on Thursday, but luckily she's pretty much back to her normal perky self today. The vet said it was easier on her because she's so young, which is a relief, because it was pretty awful to see her so miserable...
And then I realised that that whole childbirth thing must have been terrible for Ross - take my feelings for sad Nina, multiply them by a whole bunch and then extend it for a day and a night. I almost* feel like I had it easier, because at least I was doing something. Ross just had to watch me be in pain. It was all worth it in the end, though...

*that is a pretty big ALMOST.


What else? Ross and I went to Skagastrond last Sunday - it is becoming a little bit of a ritual to get out of town, although I don't know what we're going to do once we run out of small towns nearby.
It was a pretty nice place, we went to this pub/ museum/ restaurant/ venue called Kántrýbær - and if you pronounce that out loud and translate the last part, it becomes Country town!
I cannot recommend it highly enough, unless of course you don't enjoy cheesy theme bars, in which case I do not recommend it at all. As for us, we are going there for my birthday this year. And possibly the year after that, too. So cheeseball and awesome. Plus there were some genuine, slightly mad local characters who rocked up and started awkward conversations with some of the other tourists, so that was entertaining. 


Okay, time to go cook some dinner. What does one make with mince? Maybe I'll improvise and see what we end up with... My prediction? Pizza.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guess what?

Tomorrow is our second wedding anniversary!

I don't even know what to say about it... I feel so very lucky, I am married to my best friend in the whole world, and now we also have the most awesome little dude to share our lives. I'm pretty much the happiest girl ever.