Friday, June 3, 2011

Two days to go...

... until the due date, anyway. I think I read somewhere that only about 5% of babies are actually born on the right day, but here's hoping! Otherwise I would totally settle for tomorrow or Monday morning - Ross doesn't really feel like going back to work on Monday. Also, we read a book at Sigga's about your personality based on the day you were born*, and the 4th of June seemed better than most of the other days surrounding it.

* Probably not completely accurate, the entry for my birthday talks about my love of outdoor sports... Yeah, no.

Oooh, in other exciting and somewhat related news, Ross and I bought a new camera! We decided it'll definitely be worth it once Henry arrives, and Ross has spent all afternoon getting up to speed on how it works. May have to set up a mini-tutorial on skype with one of you photography-skilled kids. I'm pretty sure even the auto settings on the new camera will take better photos than the ones on my little camera, so we'll win either way!

What else? Mum and Dad arrived in Iceland this week; Mum came straight north and Dad is still in Reykjavik completing various goose chases around the shopping centres. Poor thing, we even made him go to Ikea today - I think Ikea is one of those places where if you're in the mood to go, then it's awesome, but it can get really tiring really fast if you're not really into it. Still, they have some neat stuff, and it's cheaper than anything from ye olde overpriced co-op.
Anyway, it's awesome to have Mum around, and I can't wait til Dad arrives, too! They are the first of our many guests planned for the next six months, so it'll be good to sort out what we need to do to the house to make it more hospitable.

Well, yeah, I think that's it... I'm trying not to get into the whole 'waiting waiting' mindset, but it's kind of difficult - so impatient!! Oh well, shall try to relax and enjoy the bumpy belly for just a little bit longer...


Gil Liane said...

Oh Olga, it could be almost 2 weeks before Henry rocks up! A number of my friends said they got their babies to come out by eating chilli or curry meals (apparently spicy food can kick it off), and also, when they finally got soooo sick of waiting, an acupuncture session. Good luck, I hope you win the labour lottery, & are in the five percent, lol! Or, even better, get the day you & Ross like best :) x

Maja said...

Yes everyone feels impatient at your stage in the game. Henry's probably having a fine old time in there, i wouldn't want to come out either. In fact i think i was Overdue. So was Valdi.

You are so far away it seems unreal that you are having a baby soon! Have fun while you wait! Love you and take care xxx

olga said...

Gil: Yeah, I think two weeks before and after are still counted as 'normal', but these days they don't let you go beyond ten days for health reasons - so there's an end in sight!

Curries and chillis might be the way to go for the next couple of weeks then!

Maja: Yup, Mum said we were all late, too... And I think that sort of thing might be a little bit hereditary... Boo!