Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hofsos and educational toys!

Ross and I went to Hofsós on the weekend, it's the little village on the other side of the fjord from Sauðárkrókur. Dad has recommended that we get out of town every once in a while, and we had a really lovely day.

We had a practice run of the Baby Bjorn at home, and Ross was thoroughly impressed. It seemed like Henry's face was getting a little bit smooshed, but I'm informed that's how it's supposed to fit. Plus he didn't seem that upset about it, so we figured it was fine!

(On a side note, I wish I could tell if Henry enjoys things or not - he doesn't really do proper facial expressions on purpose yet, so the only time he reacts visibly to things is by howling if he hates them. Frustrating, but I'm basically assuming that anything that doesn't make him cry, makes him happy! So he loves baths and being nude and the dinosaurs next to his changing table, and hates pooing and having his clothes changed. What a dude.)

The weather was great - it was sunny at home but with a freezing northerly wind, whereas Hofsós was pleasantly sheltered and warm. We still dressed Henry up in about five layers of clothes, from a little woolly singlet to a grey and white hoodie that Daisy sent him - and Ross accidentally managed to dress in a matching grey and black striped jumper. Nice work.

It's funny, I've basically been hating every photo of me that gets taken lately, so Ross chose this one. I just feel like none of the photos look like me - but this is a good thing, because I just don't believe that I look as hideous as the photos suggest. Yay for self esteem!

We got a package the other day from Danny and Lindall, our friends who live in Oxford. They sent some pretty awesome toys, like this rattle bracelet in the shape of a ladybug...

This brand, Lamaze, is apparently really good for all the developmental stages that babies go through - as they get older, they appreciate different things like the colours and textures and noises.

And then there was Bill D. Beaver... I think I need to copy out Lindall's comment from the card:

"Bill D. Beaver - a controversial choice. Danny and I went to buy Henry a gift. Danny saw Bill and was adamant that we buy him. I personally find him creepy as hell. Imagine the hilarious argument in the toy store that followed. Danny won. I guess he is one of those love or hate it things, please do not feel obliged to force him on Henry. Our friends have all since met Bill and agree on the creepy factor. Danny stands alone with his love, perhaps Bill is suitable for geniuses?"

Dan is an astrophysicist. Here's Bill:

 To be fair, I think he was crying for other reasons, we just thought it would be a funny photo. Bill is hanging in Henry's pram at the moment, and they seem to be getting along fine - Henry is clearly a genius.

This one is just because it's nice.

The midwife came over again on Monday to weigh Henry - I love her little weighing-ma-jig, complete with stork pouch. He has put on 750 grams since he was born, which I think is relatively a lot. He definitely seems to be getting quite big and chubby, which is nice to see. And it's pretty satisfying to think that he gets all his food from me - we are clearly both awesome at this!

P.S. I keep tagging posts with 'henry', but it's probably a safer bet to go through and re-tag all my other posts with 'not henry'. Oh well. You all love it, really.


northern musings said...

Beautiful! You, Henry, Ross, life!
Bill D Beaver is rather an interesting thing and can see why it would be a could toy for a child just learning stuff (like everything is new)... but I wonder about the association between a soft surface and a scrunching noise... Obviously I am not an astro physicist.... can't even spell it! Henry is AWESOME as are his parents!

Maja said...

Yay a crying Henry photo! I think babies look cutest when they cry. The sound isn't always the cutest though, just the facial expressions.

You so don't look hideous in your photos. When you're older you'll look back on them and think, wow i look awesome in these photos!

Love the one of Henry being weighed. It's the coolest!

Vicki said...

There can never be too many photos or posts about Henry!!!

eva.diblasio said...

Olga Honey your a sexy Mummy! You look great and you guys all look so cute together. xxx

eva.diblasio said...

..Where as Ross on the other hand looks like an Italian version of wheres wally! :P

olga said...

Thanks guys, you are all lovely - didn't mean to be fishing for compliments, honest!

Ha ha, Maja, I'll try to take a good one of him next time he cries... As long as it doesn't take too long, it truly is an awful sound!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, so lovely!
Henry is adorable and i think you look fabulous!
We love our baby bjorn, but recently Luke got too chunky for it (he still fits but it now hurts our backs) so we bought an Ergo. I highly reccomend it if you ever want to move on from the bjorn if Henry gets too big for it. You can use the Ergo as a backpack carrier too, until theyre about 20kg (around 3!).

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention that the ergo is good because you carry the wight through your hips. My osteopath reccomended it.