Saturday, June 18, 2011


We continue to do not very much at all - yesterday was Icelandic Independence Day, but it was also freezing, so instead of going out to celebrate, we just hung out at home and snuggled on the couch watching Arrested Development and the Wonder Years.

Mum and Dad went to Reykjavik for the weekend, they'll be visiting relatives and doing a bit of shopping along the way... Anyway, here's a nice photo of them:

The most exciting news of the day is that Mr. Henry is wearing cloth nappies, and I am wearing jeans! I really missed having jeans that fit properly, these ones are the slightly bigger pair that I bought in early pregnancy, but it is still very exciting - trousers that aren't pyjama pants!
Also my feet are back to normal, my belly button is nearly back to its former glory and I've been enjoying all kinds of unpasteurised cheeses and uncooked salmon.  What a good life!

And while I get to look more like a real person again, little Henry gets to look... well, a little bit like a hobo, to be honest. Nah, he's got more than enough personality to pull it off. We have been using disposable nappies up until now - a friend gave us a whole stack that his baby never used, and we figured we could be a bit slack while we were getting into routines.

Now though - it's all on! Mum brought nearly a whole suitcase full of thick towelly ones, we bought a stack of lineny ones, and Mum also sent over some new fangled bamboo ones with press studs and fancy patterns on the outside. At the moment we're just using the big towelly ones, will experiment with different combinations over the next couple of days.
Riveting stuff, hey?

On a different note: this is a cool site, people take pictures of old photos in their original locations. Very nice - I may have to dig through some of Amma's pictures and see what I can find...


northern musings said...

That's a great website - I have some photos from around this house and we have heaps from the front of ammas.... this could be fun.

soda said...

awww look at his tiny feeeeet! well done you guys. best mini hobo ever.

Maja said...

Wow you look all tough with your tattoo! Henry is an adorable hobo. Great photo of your mum and dad with H too :) Cloth nappies, wow!

Anonymous said...

Cloth nappies are`the bees knees. We use fancy pants ones with press studs called BumGenius and I love em!
Henry is so very handsome!
I also remember the joy of fitting into old jeans. soooo rewarding.
much love x

Magnusson said...

Loa and Jon said
Congratulations to Olga and Ross Henry looks cute. He looks very content. We are impressed with the cloth nappies. You all look very healthy. Unnur and Thor seem to suit the Grandparent look.