Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dum de dum...

So, not really much going on here in Sauðárkrókur. The weather has brightened up a lot, the last two days have been pretty gloriously warm and not windy. And when I say 'gloriously warm', I mostly just mean 'not bitterly cold'. Hey, it's all about perspective.

What else? Mum and Dad arrive in less than a week, and Henry is due the Sunday after that, but I'm not sure of his timekeeping skills, so who knows? I do hope he's a punctual dude, I think punctuality is a pretty awesome quality in a human. Also, to be honest, I have pretty much gotten over the pregnant belly thing, it is getting the teeniest bit uncomfortable at times.

I had an appointment with the midwife yesterday, she said that everything was so normal and fine that I could skip next week and just come in for an appointment the week after. That was good to hear. Here's hoping for a nice, dull, uneventful birth to follow my nice, dull, uneventful pregnancy.


Ooh, and I just got back from the loan office to file the last of the paperwork for the house... Wait a minute, wasn't that all sorted out ages ago? Aren't we already living in the house? Haven't we started painting? Isn't that the sort of thing you do after you own a house?

Haha, no. Good old bureaucracy has given us a couple more hoops to jump through, but fingers crossed that today's was the last one. Even the people in the offices that we're dealing with are kind of incredulous as to how it has to work out:
For some reason we are now the buyers and the sellers of the property, because the sheriff who seized the property never actually owned it, which is good because the loan place never pays out loans to the loan applicants (i.e. the buyers), only the sellers. And now that we've paid the last of the money to the sheriff, he has filled out the paperwork to allow us to get the loan we needed in order to pay the last of the money (in the meantime, hello, 6.5 million krona overdraft!)
Phew. Anyway, Sigga has as usual helped us to navigate the miles of red tape and explain the situation to all concerned, so it should all be sorted by 4pm tomorrow! Yay!


I think that's pretty much everything. I'm having a pretty lazy time of it, in direct contrast to Ross who is working heaps of overtime plus renovating and working on our pallet bed when he comes home. Hopefully he'll be able to take it a little bit easy while he's on paternity leave!


Maja said...

Wow! I soooo wanna be there. love you guys xoxooxox

Anonymous said...

an uneventful and dull birth is what i wish for you!

Anonymous said...

only two weeks to go now? thats incredible and I cant put to words how excited I am for Henrys birth! I think of you and have my fingers crossed for the coming days/weeks. I am sure since its been an easy pregnancy you will be fine with the birth too. much love from Berlin!!!xxx PS: I've become a big fan of palet furniture.

soda said...

haha, sheriff! good luck with your next two weeks! how exciting x

Unnur said...

Stay calm and we'll see you in 5days!!!! Lots of love!

Gil Liane said...

Every time you say sheriff, iceland suddenly becomes very Wild West in my head! I am glad your pregnancy has been so mellow, and am sure the birth will be too :)