Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daffodils and daisies

D is for...

Days like today... And the day before, and the day before that, actually. Just having time to spend pottering about the house, hanging out with husband and dog and relaxing with my feet up.

Doggy friend! Nina is getting bigger and cuter and more awesome all the time. I've been trying to post a video for ages, but it seems to have stalled, so I may have to put it up in a separate post... Rest assured she is great fun and quite a character, and we're all in love with her.

Wow this letter actually has more options than I need... Let's go with Daisy, one of the awesome ladies I lived with and became friends with in London - I love that sometimes you just end up meeting people that you know you're going to love forever.
- Also, The Drones, my previously mentioned pretty much favourite band, if I have to pick just one.
- Doctor Who - I don't want to start watching the new series, because then I'll just have to watch one every week, and oh, the cliffhangers! I don't know if I can handle that kind of tension right now.


What else? We have just been enjoying life, really. Ross finished three coats on the baby room last weekend, and we have declared this weekend a paint free zone - might do some sanding of windowsills and door frames at some point this afternoon, but we also might not. 

I'm finally cutting back my hours at work. It was pretty cool, I had already decided to just accept the loss of income in favour of rest, and then I talked to the midwife, and it turns out I get a doctor's certificate for the time off! So I continue to get money, and also get to leave at lunchtime AND possibly even get Wednesdays off. Life is good. 


We continue to get free/borrowed baby stuff from all over the place - a lady at work offered me a baby travel cot, it folds up and is ideal for sleepovers. 

Then a guy at work offered Ross a bassinet made out of an old wool washing basket - it is adorable and practical, and came with a bunch of free newborn nappies! Ross ended up working overtime on the day we were supposed to pick it up, so I went and found that they were really nice people. They had their first baby in November, and were full of good advice and reassurance that even if you have no idea what you're doing, it'll be fine. They're moving to a farm down south in July, but they said to drop round anytime soon if we have any questions or just want to hang out.

And then Jóhanna was clearing out her attic and found an old fashioned wooden highchair that we can use once Henry gets a bit bigger - I swear we won't have to buy anything new if we don't want to!


Unnur said...

Wow! Sounds awesome. Have you got Johanna's old pram?? For Henry to sleep in outside.

Maja said...

Good stuff! Re-use and recycle :)