Sunday, April 3, 2011

So close!


Ross and I just had a lovely weekend in Akureyri, did lots and lots of shopping and ate nice foods and enjoyed just the company of ourselves... We bought heaps of baby and house stuff - a cot, cloth nappies, blankets, sheets and storage, and then we also did a bulk food shop. Unfortunately we didn't find any anchovies, but such is life. We may have to start experimenting with some sort of homemade substitute...

Anyway, we got home before lunch (as neither of us are sleeper-innerers these days), and I called Ingólfur to see if he's planning to be out this weekend. AND HOLY CRAP HE IS! He said he reckoned he could drop the keys around by the 'later part' of today, so Ross and I have been impatiently trying to distract ourselves all afternoon. He went to play the drums and I watched TV on the internet and darned socks - satisfying, but gosh it takes me ages to darn a sock.

We've decided that no matter what time the 'later part' of the day is, we will be moving stuff over and staying tonight - for one thing, the car is full of all the awesome things we bought, and we'd rather not unload it all twice. Also, there's some Icelandic superstition that you shouldn't move into a new house on a Monday, and I'll be damned if I'm waiting two more nights until Tuesday!


northern musings said...

Til hamingju! So nice that you guys are in your own place tonight... remember though that my house is your house and I want to be able to continue to feed you for as long as you like, and use the internets and watch the box whenever you feel like it!
Have a wonderful first night in your home.

Maja said...

Yes! Do it! I'm so excited for you guys and your forthcoming domestic bliss :)

We popped into your parents house last night and had a nice chat with them. Twas lovely :)