Saturday, April 16, 2011

House photos! Lots of them!

Ross just moved his drum kit into the cellar and is playing, Nina seems confused, but not terrified. Good.

So here are some photos of the house that Ross took earlier, when the weather was nice - it is now still sunny, but snowing at the same time. What, that doesn't happen where you are? Weird.

Anyway, the house:

 Lounge room, and our really comfy sofa.

 Lounge room again, and that little semi circle thingy goes through to...

 ... the kitchen! 

 Kitchen window to backyard - there's a deck out there, then grass that goes halfway up the hill, I'm assuming it's all ours!

Our bedroom, slightly dark in this one, but pretty roomy.

Henry's room...

... and a better photo of the view out his window.

 Garden on the left hand side of the house - it's full of birches, which people keep asking us when we're going to cut down. Turns out trees make some Icelanders uncomfortable...

 From the top of our garden down - someone started painting the back of the house red, then got bored and walked away. As you do. 

There's another couple of bedrooms upstairs, and I also left out the cellar and the dining room, but they shall all just have to wait for another day...

So yeah, we are still pretty excited and happy about the house. We went to the hardware store today, and Ross has been replacing screws in door handles and light switches and things, just little bits and bobs that need doing. 

We also got paintbrushes and sandpaper for Henry's room; there were a couple of buckets of white paint that came with the house, and we also bought some in Akureyri! Not sure if we'll start painting tomorrow or next week during the Easter holidays - we get five whole days off, I am very much looking forward to it!


Unnur said...

Lovely photos!!! Dad wants you to check the green paint in Henry's room. Does it contain lead? If it's old it does, but if Ingolfur did that it should be fine! It needs to be treated or sealed if it's lead based. god he's the potty grandad already. I've got the same kitchen curtain as yous, got it in Rumfatalagernum!!! Guess you did too. The house is much roomier than I thought. You'll be so happy there I know. Love yous all.

Kerry and Stephen said...

Congratulations you two. Your house/home looks lovely. Great photo's and look forward to more.
Lots of love

Maja said...

The house looks pretty great! xox