Friday, April 22, 2011

Gleðilegt Sumar!

Happy Summer, kids! Yesterday was the first day of summer here in Iceland, and with that you wish everyone a happy summer and thank them for the winter you guys just shared. Nice.

I went to church last night with Amma and Guja, because there was this singer songwriter guy playing guitar and ukelele - his name is Svavar Knutur, and I went to see him last year at this little festival here in the fjord. The ad kind of made it sound like he was going to play old Icelandic songs, so Amma and Guja decided to go, and I got brought along as driver.
Turns out he just played his own songs, so I think I might have enjoyed it more than they did... Win? It was a totally bizarre night, because at the end of the day, he was playing a show in a church on Easter Thursday - so during the interval, the priest came up and did a communiony type thing, and we all ate bread and grapes during the second half.

Also, apparently this dude has done some pretty extensive touring in Australia of all places, and he was chatting to a girl in the pew behind me about it for ages. She had gone there on holiday once, so they were talking about all the stuff they knew about Australia - how hot weather is unpleasant, how the Nullarbor is really big, how the wet season up north is unpleasant, etc. Lots of weather talk.

And then the girl mentioned that there was some family from Sauðárkrókur that she knew of that had moved to Australia in the sixties, and I almost wanted to turn around and tell her it was my grandma, but I'd been eavesdropping for way too long by that point. Anyway, it all felt a bit odd.


What else? We started painting Henry's room white - well, Ross painted and Nina and I got in the way... It's going to take a while, the walls are the original wood panels, and they're, well, old. It'll all have to be painted with brushes, and it'll probably take a few coats, but I think it'll look amazing. 

Plus we have five days off for painting, so I think with Ross' work ethic we can definitely get it done. If it were up to me, it would probably be one coat now, maybe one on Monday, and then three the week Henry is due.  Or I'd just squint every time I went in there.

Anyway, I'll post photos later, but for now I should just put this on here before I procrastinate some more!

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northern musings said...

Já Gleðilegt sumar Olga mín! og takk fyrir veturinn. Thanks also for all the help today - you saved the day!!!