Saturday, March 26, 2011

House progress! And a reflection!

So, things are moving along - hooray for progress! The loan people apparently need a little bit more information, but we're hoping that it all goes through properly next week.

In other house news, Ingólfur is up here this weekend clearing out his stuff! We had a bit of a chat about his furniture and things - he has a fully furnished house in Reykjavík, so he is pretty keen to get rid of all the extra beds and fridges in Sölvahús*. He had originally said that we could just take it when we made the first offer to him in December, but I think maybe his girlfriend convinced him that no, there was actually some value in all those things.

So we're hopefully going to be getting a nice leather couch, two fridges (one pretty old and awesome looking!), a washing machine, a dryer and a couple of beds and mattresses - will be very convenient to not have to buy all those things to set ourselves up. Of course it's also convenient for him, he has less stuff to move down south, and I can imagine it would be kind of time consuming to sell it all piece by piece.

He offered three TVs as part of the deal, but I think we'll be pretty happy with the one that we already have. We didn't have a TV in London for a while, and it was kind of awesome - it's so easy to just get sucked in and watch crap for hours on end, even though you don't mean to. I felt like I got some pretty good stuff done while I wasn't watching British reality TV.

There's also about a million shelves and desks and wardrobes around the place, but we basically told him that we can take it or leave it - we don't want to pay extra for clutter that we don't really need, but on the other hand if he thinks it's easier to just leave it behind, then he's more than welcome to do so. He's going to get back to me sometime today on whether the offer works for him, so fingers crossed (yet again - my fingers are going to take a while to go back to their regular shape after all this hoping!)

*That's the name of the house, by the way, named after Sölvi, the guy who built it in 1927. Figure I may as well start calling it by name, I'm still a teeny bit wary of saying 'our house'.


This is a neat little video - wait for it...


And that's about it. Ross and I have our trip to Akureyri next weekend, and it's possible that Ingólfur will have finished emptying out his stuff by Sunday afternoon, so we may be able to move in then! Exciting times.


Vicki said...

Not long to wait now, I am so happy for you both. Hope you get to sleep there Sunday night.

Maja said...

How exciting!! I think Ingolfur should give you a good deal considering you didnt skimp on the offer on the house. Who is going to buy second hand stuff in Iceland anyway!

TV does suck up a lot of time, like a black hole, but i love it a lot these days! Actually who am i kidding, I've always loved it. I remember times when i was running to school, late because i was watching some cartoon on tv. If i didnt have Doctor Who on my ipod at the gym, i wouldnt look forward to it so much.

Henry is such a cute name. Reminds me of this super frustrating game on the commodore 64 too. Henry is a tiny thing going through rooms filled with dangerous household items that all seem to have the ability to kill him.

olga said...

Yay, so soon!

Maja: with TV, I meant to add the disclaimer that I would pretty much replace it with watching good stuff on DVD. At least that way you can watch shows and get something out of it, I just need to make an effort to stop watching crap.
And watching TV while exercising surely doesn't count as a waste of time!