Thursday, March 31, 2011

Double plus good.

A list of awesome:

1. Just heard about this awesome food blog, One Hungry Chef, when someone shared a post on reader.  Gosh I cannot wait to have my own kitchen. I will be making jams and storing frozen casseroles like you wouldn't believe.

2. I have been achieving things! Talked to my boss about maternity leave, sent some emails regarding house buying and leave,  and bought some fillets at work today. These may not sound like spectacular events, but I tend to get really anxious and terrified of talking to people in authority and/or bureaucracy. I realise it's ridiculous - my boss is a really nice dude, he just has a kind of stern face and I get really panicky and forget how to talk. I know I work myself up into the panic, but I just can't seem to help it.

So when I do get stuff done, I feel like I did good!

3. Hot on the heels of my realisation that I probably can't have a cat, there was an ad in the TV guide/local news guide for FREE PUPPIES! Border collie cross labradors, free to good home, five of them!

Okay, so I went and had a look... Oh my goodness puppies are adorable! But I misunderstood the ad - it said they would be ready at the end of the month, so I thought that meant the end of April... This would give us enough time to move in, do a bit of fixing and settling, and then have a month or so of puppy training before Henry arrives.

Oops. Turns out the ad was just copied from the one they had put up at the shops, so end of the month = now. And so theoretically we should wait a bit and see what other free puppies turn up...

BUT awwwww.....

Not a super good photo, but I think this is the one I liked the best - a little girl puppy with a white chest and white toes...  Apparently the owners have called her Obba, may have to change that one if we end up taking her.

4. We are of course counting down the days until Henry, I just realised Ross' birthday is coming up soon, then about a month after that (ish), it'll be Henry time!
And of course with Henry comes...

5. Maternity leave! Six months paid full wages, or maybe nine months on 70% wages, followed by my summer holidays (because they're in July, and will have to be postponed!) I have yet to figure it out properly, hence the need to chase down bureaucracy some more, but anyway - guilt free time at home! I'm going to be realistic and not call it a 'holiday' as such, but I'm looking forward to it, anyway.

6. This weekend is our belated honeymoon type dealie in Akureyri! I will enjoy being in the big smoke, I think it'll be the first time I've been in a proper town since we came to Iceland... How bizarre.
Anyway, we plan to do lots of shopping, mostly home and baby stuff, maybe get some bulk food staples while we're at it? I think there's a pretty huge price difference between the Akureyri and here, not to mention the range available: if we find anchovies, we're stocking up bigtime!

7. If all goes to plan and Ingó does some heavy lifting over the weekend, we could be in our house on SUNDAY NIGHT! Yes, this will be after our driving and being busy and doing things, but if that house is available, we will be in it! So what if the financial bits aren't all completed, possession is nine tenths of the law, right*?

* That's a Dad saying, I never really understood it - sounds like it's some sort of justification for squatting, unfortunately that's not a law here... Oh well.

8. Can't think of anything else in particular, but basically everything is great. I have an amazing family, a gorgeous husband, a baby and house and possible puppy on the way! Good.


Maja said...

In your house on SUNDAY!!! Wow! How exciting!

Those puppies are adorable! But maybe not the best idea to have a puppy and a baby at the same time? Double trouble. Well, double work. Still... puppies!

Wow, icelandic maternity leave is AWESOME!

Shopping in akureyri! I can imagine how exciting that must be :) I get excited about shopping in Perth when I get home from work. Yesterday I bought some tracky pants, jeans and food. It was great.

Unnur said...

The puppies do look adorable if only they stayed pups. Have loads of fun in Akureyri, don't forget the parking clock on your dash. Any good movies?? Lincoln Lawyers(?) is apparently good. Love you heaps!!!