Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bear with me...

Sigga called me out on my not posting, so here's photos from yesterday!

Me and Mr. Henry Thor Short-man, Esq., as I've just decided to nickname him. 

It's 29 weeks today, so only eleven to go! That is fairly insane, yes? I've been getting a little bit of a back ache at work, probably due to my terrible posture, but I must admit that I'm thrilled with how lucky I've been in terms of pregnancy discomfort. 

It really just seems like the luck of the draw, some people spend nine months throwing up constantly, and some people don't. I'm glad I don't, I am a complete sissy when it comes to feeling sick or in pain. I'm still feeling good all round, a bit tired sometimes, but that's nothing an afternoon nap doesn't fix. Plus, having the perfect excuse for lounging around having afternoon naps? Priceless.

 Back row, from left: Dísa, Maja, Amma, Guja
Front row: Andrés, Stebbi, Mundi, Þóri

Yesterday was Guja's birthday party, she is my grandma's eldest sister , and just turned 90! She definitely does not look or act like it, she's one of the most chipper and active old people I've seen around. Plus the rest of these siblings look pretty good for being mostly in their seventies and eighties, so I'm hoping I inherited some of those good genes...


Oh hey so I started doing that alphabet thingy, didn't I? Having a bit of trouble thinking these days, so let's just make it a list of say... Three things.

B is for...

Bass guitar - I've been playing for over ten years now, and I've had my beloved Fender for nine of those. I am clearly not a gear head who requires the bestest newest thing, my trusty bass has served me well over the years. Can't wait to get it set up in our basement and play again, I am actually missing it!

Boys Boys Boys! - that other band I got to be in before I left Perth for Iceland. They are super top people, and I had the best time ever singing harmonies about army men and prawns with them. P.S. they are doing really well for themselves, of course, and just won a WA screen award for their clip for Ticky Ticky Boom.

Babies - I never ever thought of myself as a person who's into babies. Y'know how some people just go all googly when they see little dudes? That never happened to me in the past. But at some point in the last year, some part of my brain broke, and now I get all incoherent around small children.

Plus I'm looking forward to mine so much that it's hijacking my blog, but I think that's a good thing, otherwise I'd have nothing to write about! So yeah, small people, I'm pretty much on your side these days.


Gil Liane said...

I went & listened to a Boys Boys Boys Dj set upstairs @the Scotsman tonite, and thought of you :)
Btw- i LUV this line Olga!!
"...So yeah, small people, I'm pretty much on your side these days." LOL

northern musings said...

agree with Gil, great line, will quote it on or after the birth of ht.

Maja said...

Aw look at your tummy! Hmm, yes, loving babies too these days. They are so cute! At least when they're not crying in your ear :)

Unnur said...

You and Henry look beautiful!!!!!!
So blossoming and biggish! Love yoy all.

Bridget Turner said...

Olgi you look beautiful!!babiiieeeesssssss!!
miss you

olga said...

Aw, thanks, dudes!

Maja: Yeah, I must admit my contact with babies these days is still in the 'aww, they're cute, but if there's a problem, it's definitely someone else's job to deal with it!'