Thursday, March 24, 2011


Shameless self promotion! The new single is up here, if you would like to listen to it. There is also a new bio that I'm assuming Joe wrote, it is pretty entertaining and honest.

Apparently they've been playing it on triple J, and someone heard them talking about the band, the album and the break up. Sooo, did anyone else out there get their pregnancy announced on national radio? No? Bummer for you!


northern musings said...

oh my lord as Sandra would say! I was almost in tears.. Joe definitely has a way with words... am on the wrong computer so have as yet not listened to the music, but am sure that it does have all the theatricality that is promised. Sad, that snowman is no more ... happy that you are here and Ross and little Henry... this is just a bend in the road - the journey will continue

Maja said...

Yeah Joe should try his hand at writing!

Just got the shock of my life when i played the song through my headphones and forgot that my iphone was at full volume! My ears are ringing!

Can't wait to hear the whole album :)

s said...

aw yeah, great story! i too will listen to it later but from the description i am sure it will be pretty excellent.

Anna said...


Anyway, I am very excited about the new song. I am digging it. Also, Hyenas are my favourite animal so I'm happy with that.