Saturday, February 26, 2011

You look like a lego man, with lego hair, and lego hands...


Don't mind me, just reminiscing:

Aw, Ross was totally at this show, whyyyyyy did I miss it?

No really, what was I doing that was more important than going to see these guys? It must have been work or a Boys show - man, I am bad at memory and timelines...

There was a piece about Lego on the news today (sandwiched between stories about the various political shenanigans going on). I figured that it may have been a story about an anniversary, but apparently Lego's fiftieth birthday was in 2008! So yeah, I'm a bit late, but yay Lego for being so awesome!

K had tonnes of Lego when we were little, I remember these big blue plastic boxes just full of blocks of all shapes and sizes. He had quite a few airplanes, a fire station, space station, and then just a bunch of plain blocks. And of course he was lovely enough to let his little sister play, too - most of the time.

Dad even built a big workbench on one end of the verandah where he could a) keep works in progress so that they could get massive and complicated, and b) spread everything out without the perils that come from working on the floor - ouch, my poor bare feet!

I really loved the sound, too. Like when you're digging around in a big box looking for a two by four blue, and there's that awesome clinking and rattling noise. Nothing like it.

Man, Henry is going to own a giant lego collection, just so I can play with it.  That's the point of kids, right?


Gil Liane said...

This is my absolute favourite lego guy. And before you ask, yes, EVERY piece is lego! Incredible.

northern musings said...

If there is one thing that you can be assured of, all presents from me to Henry will be lego.. unless ofcourse we find out he hates it ... nah - even if that is the case I will still buy lego so you and I can play with it!!