Monday, February 14, 2011

Word of the day: Inveigle

Finally updated my iPod over the weekend, so I got to listen to some of the cds that Ross' mum brought over from Australia. Needless to say, it was a very nostalgia filled day for me. I listened to Belle and Sebastian (hi Anja!), The Streets, Monks and a bunch of other good stuff that has now slipped my mind.


Oooh, it's Valentine's day! Meh, I'm pretty disinterested in it as a holiday, although I saw that someone referred to as 'ChocalaGeddon' - cheap heart shaped lollies from tomorrow, kids! I don't think it's really a big deal in Iceland, but it's becoming more so as time goes on. I don't know, I would much prefer a 'just because' present that is awesome than a 'just because someone else decided today is romance day' present that is lame.

It's like when my siblings and I bought each other birthday gifts as teens - a lot of the time, you wouldn't get a present on your birthday, but when you did get a present, it would be because somebody saw something awesome that you had to have, and bought it for you.

Aw, having said all that, I did get a little present from Ross - when I went to take the dog for a walk, he added to my post: i smell big time.
What a sweet guy.


Prompt for today, from NaBloPoMo:
What is more important, having lots of good friendships or just one person to love?

Hmm, I want both! But if I had to choose, I guess I sort of have by moving to Iceland with the man I love - no friends in shouting distance, that's for sure... On the other hand, with the world becoming so much smaller, it's still possible to be in touch with people everywhere.

I've never really had LOTS of friends, I much prefer to have a few close friends that I'd trust with my life (and you know who you are) than a whole bunch of dudes I barely know. I probably have a tendency to neglect the amazing friends that I do have, which is something I should really make more of an effort with... I hope my friends know I do love them heaps, regardless of how I am sometimes!

Ah, I wish I had the energy to assemble that ramble just a little bit more coherently, but there it is. 

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Also because it makes me feel like you live just around the corner. What a wonderful day to be nostalgic and forward looking - I am both now simultaneously! xx from Berlin