Sunday, February 6, 2011


Ross woke me up this morning to tell me that there were some pretty crazy bushfires in Roleystone, and that I should probably phone my folks. Turns out their house is on the safer side of town - well, I figure if they're evacuating people to the town hall just down the road, it's probably one of the better places to be.

However, those very same strong winds that are making the fires so dangerous, have also managed to blow down a tree onto Mum and Dad's house! Apparently it just hit the roof over the entry to the house, so there's a bit of damage, but it didn't sound catastrophic. The downside is that the tree pulled down a power line, so the SEC cut off the electricity and was supposed to come down later today to switch it back on, but they now have other things to deal with, like that massive fire going on!

Still, very relieved to hear that they are safe, and I hope everyone else in Roleystone stays safe, too!


Just saw some images on the news of the fires - it's just horrible. I had some extra flippancy written, but it just doesn't seem appropriate. So my thoughts are with everyone that's been affected, and I hope the worst is over!

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