Wednesday, February 9, 2011


So last night Ross and I were talking about how it would be if you had fingernails for hair - as you do* - and it reminded me of one of those things from my childhood that I had completely forgotten about... PAUL JENNINGS! Anyone else remember him? Aw, of course you do - those collections of weird short stories that later got made into Round the Twist!

*I sometimes think Ross' life is turning into a series of conversations a la Extras: 'Would you rather be you, with your face and legs, and the brain of a chimpanzee... or would you rather be a chimpanzee, but with your brain?'

We were trying to remember all the stories we could - the one with the magic underpants, the one where the kid somehow absorbs a guy's tattoos, the one where the kid goes invisible after he gets bitten by an insect... Ooh, and that classic narrative device -  'the magical remote control that works on real life'. Gold.
And of course the one that got me on the subject in the first place: where the kid goes to an island and starts growing extra fingernails all over his body, except they're actually scales, and eventually he turns into a mermaid.

So yeah, they were totally children's classics: he managed that perfect blend of gross, funny and interesting. Good times.


I just read an interesting thing on Lifehacker (via somewhere else, of course) about how you can make people feel happier by just acknowledging that they're unhappy. Seems so simple and obvious, and yet so clever - I know if I'm in a cranky mood to begin with, hearing 'oh, it's not that bad' just makes me crankier. Even though I realise people are just trying to be encouraging ('it'll be fine!'),  it just makes me feel like my feelings are kind of being dismissed ('it'll be fine, you idiot!'), which is a total pet peeve.

Plus I have a bit of a tendency to be a cranky hormonal crazy person these days.


 This is from a fantastic comic by Ryan Pequin. What a good thing.


Maja said...

I like to think of that letter Stephen Fry wrote to the lady who was suffering from depression.

Yep, you're in a bad mood, but just like the weather, it will change.

Paul Jennings was brilliant. Round the Twist was one of my favourite shows. Funny and weird!

I think it would be really hard to sleep with a head of fingernail hair. I get sore when my ear gets folded a bit, let alone anything else!

Maja said...

PS. You are too adorable.