Friday, February 18, 2011

TV, tears and a dancing goat!

So at the risk of being that person who talks about TV all the time: Design Star. Reality show where a bunch of dudes (who are apparently working interior designers, yeesh) compete to win their own design show! I don't think I have amazing taste in design or anything, but I think I can tell hideous when I see it. And gosh, you'd think you'd see it less on a show about people who make things pretty for a living.

Sigga informs me that the first series was quite good, but as always these things end up terrible - let's keep the token bitch with questionable taste because she makes for interesting conflicts!

Anyway, tonight's dude that got kicked off was already crying and apologising for not doing better during the judging. Then when he was informed he was going home, he said that he just didn't want to disappoint his mother. Then he followed it up with 'I wish my mom was here with me' repeated through his sobs, and for some reason* that was hilarious to me.

* He did utter the phrase 'I think her room could be fer-oche or a-troche, you just don't know.' So maybe that's why I'm okay with seeing him cry.


On a related note, Amma was watching the opening ceremony for the 2000 Olympics the other day, and I had to leave the room - I started to tear up as Human Nature sang the national anthem...

Here's a dancing goat!

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