Saturday, February 19, 2011

Till human voices wake us, and we drown...

What can I tell you, people of the world? Not much, as usual.

The title quote comes from a poem I like by T.S. Eliot - NaBloPoMo told me to use it as my title. I guess maybe I'm supposed to write about it, and why I like it...
It was the first thing I studied in English Lit that I really enjoyed... My teacher in year 11 was really awesome, I think I've talked about him before, but I cannot for the life of me find the post!
He used to read things out loud in this really rich, deep James-Earl-Jones-esque voice, and just made the words sound so interesting and beautiful. What a good quality in an English teacher - making you passionate about things.


So today I had a nice lazy Saturday, while Ross went up to Tunga to help ultrasound some sheep! Apparently they check to see how many lambs to expect, because it helps to know ahead of time if there are going to be twins, triplets or just one really big lamb. I was half tempted to go up and ask to have another look at Henry, surely it's the same machine they use on people, right?

Anyway, while Ross was up there working like a trooper, I felt extremely proud of myself for walking to the pool for a swim. Totally proud, that is, until I got passed by a gang of joggers on my way there. And when I finally arrived, they were all out the front of the pool doing push-ups and stretches. Nice.

Ah well, never mind. The weather was so beautiful today, but it was still pretty cold while I was swimming - I definitely saw minus two on the sign on my way in. At least the sun was out, the sky was blue, and I think I almost got a tan on my face while sitting in the hot tub. Well, I can pretend, anyway.


Ooh, I do get to be a part of the farm help - Sigga is continuing her struggle to get Andrés' books in order, and I am really getting into this data entry thing. It's a good system, while I'm procrastinating on my blog, I do a page of sheep, then when I can't be bothered doing that, I do some blogging! It's a great system until I avoid doing both by looking at imdb to try to find out which terrible racist Elvis movie we're watching (for the record, it's Harum Scarum).
Ah, multitasking. Will I ever do it right?


Maja said...

Hahaha the jogger imagery is hilarious. Never compate yourself to crazy exercisers, they're not normal.

I love data entry! It's so easy and satisfying!

Northern musings said...

and as for struggling - more like major procrastination - thanks so much Olga for taking that job on... The weather today was magical, it even prompted me to take the last of the christmas lights down outside the house! Achievement Non?