Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunshine and rainbows!

Today at work I had one of those 'aw, I miss Australia' moments... We ran out of fish at about two o'clock, which left an hour of sewing fish heads before the weekend. So we headed into the back room where there's a roller door facing due south -  the forklifts bring fish in and out through there...

Anyway, the weather today was lovely, really clear and bright, especially with all the snow on the ground reflecting the light upwards. So when the roller door opened, there was this incredible beam of sunlight coming straight into the factory - like, choirs of angels, instant warmth and happiness sunlight. Amazing.

But gosh, there was sun all the time in Australia, I just never appreciated it properly. Perth is a pretty stunningly lovely place in many ways, and I wish I could go back and visit for a little while... I almost can't remember what it's like to walk around in that roasty heat, where everything just feels so dry and good and hot. Oh, it would be lovely to be warm, but it's fairly beautiful here, too!


There was a story on the news today about Icelandic chickens - the direct translation seems to involve the word for 'colonial' or 'settlement', so I shall call them Icelandic pioneer chickens. Anyway, they seem like pretty interesting guys, they're really big and colourful, and apparently they make great gifts - weddings, birthdays, anything! Good to know, Icelandic news!

Picture from here, copyright someone else!


Whoa, do you know what I forgot to tell you about? At some point over the past month or two (yeah yeah, my sense of timing is a wee bit fuzzy) I made Fibonacci legwarmers! They are pretty much fantastic and I'm rather pleased with them. It just seems like a more interesting way to make stripey things, and it made me feel like a happy nerd, so that was good. 


This post has taken about a hundred years to write, because Sigga and I are watching The Empire Strikes Back - we saw the (original) first movie on one of the Norwegian channels last Friday, so of course number two is on now! Ross has never seen them, but unfortunately he has fallen asleep partway through both of them. Next week he'll probably make it three for three, so we'll just have to borrow them from someone and have a daytime movie marathon sometime...

I was a bit worried that he would find them really seventies and cheesy, which I guess they are, but I grew up with these movies, so I love them to bits anyway. I must say, I hadn't seen them in ages, but I am pretty satisfied with how much they're living up to my memories of awesomeness. Good old nostalgia, it makes everything quality.

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Maja said...

The original star wars trilogy will never get old. Jason tends to fall asleep during every movie we watch too.

It's super hot in Oz at the moment. It's nice not having to worry about wearing warm clothes when you go out and i've been enjoying the beach a lot more this summer (god bless beach tents!) but I could do without the profuse sweating. Air con is my friend. It's 45 degrees outside but a lovely 24 inside. It's gotten to the stage now where i've forgotten what winter feels like, but it will be back soon enough.

Before you know it you'll have the lovely icelandic summer!