Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Guess what? I'm going to post every day in February! Do you think it's a total cop out to not even write a whole post, and just leave it at that?


Yeah. Yeah it is. So what can I tell you? Today I worked at that workplace that I work at, it was not at all disagreeable. My boss is on sick leave at the moment, and the girl who was replacing her is on holiday in Tenerife (so jealous!), so there was no one checking up on mistakes - yay!

It snowed quite a bit, and I got to drive around in it - thank goodness for being too lazy to walk to work. Even when it seems okay on the way TO work, it sometimes becomes blizzardy by the afternoon. And although I realise that I should always be dressed for bad weather, I rarely follow through with that, especially when we're in a rush in the morning!

I've been thinking about all the movies and books that I want Henri* to see/read... What I need is these:

Picture from here

Does anyone else remember these? Morality tales, really cutely drawn, quite sad a lot of the time. I once read one at Ross' house about Fanny, the three legged cat - I cried, and still get a bit teary when I think about it... There's this cat, and she only has three legs, and she tries to be friends with all the baby farm animals, but then their mums tell them to stay away from her... Okay, maybe you had to be there.

Also: Miyazaki movies. I don't mind that they don't always make sense, Henri needs to be introduced to the idea of a catbus as soon as possible.

Is it bad to force all your childhood (and heck, recent!) loves onto your child? I think not, I pretty much try to force things I like onto everyone - I'm just avoiding a double standard!

*Oh yeah, by the way, we're calling our boy Henri Thor! Still not sure if that will be how we spell it, it works better in Icelandic that way - girls' names tend to end in 'y' - but it still looks a bit weird to me sometimes.


Vicki said...

Now I remember those books...we had a heap of them, I recognise some of the covers in your pic. Pretty sure the 3 legged cat one was called Fanny.

northern musings said...

Great post Olga - I should be inspired by you and Vicki to post something - but nah.... (mind you feb is the right month to do a blog a day)

KH said...

Hey yes, I happened upon a copy of "Leo the Lop" at a swapmeet a little while ago, and picked it up for Nicola because I thought she'd dig it. As it turns out it was one of her favourite childhood books. It's about a rabbit with floppy ears and none of the other rabbits want to be friends. Then they accept him for who he is, no two people are not on fire etc.

I think most of those books might have been a little formulaic. Good, though.

As for children's entertainment, Miyazaki, YES. Also, most Pixar movies, and The Iron Giant!

olga said...

Vicki: Yep, Fanny the three legged cat - that book really stuck with me!

Sigga: Argh, you found out my fiendish plot - February is definitely the slackest of blog-a-day months!

K: I wonder if they all have the same author - if so, that guy must have been the most teased kid in school!

Oh yes, the Iron Giant, and all Pixars... Plus the Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal, and of course: Star Wars.