Friday, February 25, 2011


Today at morning tea, one of the Filipino ladies that works with us grabbed the TV guide, and showed me an ad for Tengill, the electrical/electronics company in town...

'See this word? This is a really bad word in Filipino.'
'Whoa. What does it mean? Or can you not even say it?'
'It's your parts down there. Your lady parts.'

Totally made my day.

And while I'm being slightly vulgar, I saw this comment on Jezebel, on an article about a new and crazy proposed anti-abortion law in the US.


What else? I've been listening to (and enjoying) Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young lately, which is weird because I've never really been into that kind of thing. But then I was thinking, maybe it's like with food cravings, only musical? Like, when Henry needs more folic acid, I crave spinach, so maybe it's Henry who really likes heartland rock*, and so that's why I want to listen to it? 

Or maybe I'm just late at discovering what is good about music. That happens, too.

*I just found that phrase on the internet, and I love it so much.


Speaking of cravings, I was telling Ross the other day that I hadn't really had any weird food cravings so far... He then reminded me of that one month when I ate peanut butter and banana on toast every single morning (Amma is still buys bananas all the time, and then has to make banana bread on a regular basis). PB and banana month was followed by a couple of weeks of baked beans and cheese. Yeah, in hindsight, that's probably what cravings are...


Okay, going to leave it there, we are going to a dinner-esque thing at my cousin Rúna Birna's house. Her boyfriend just got his masters, and she's having a birthday soon, so it's partying time! Let's assume I'll be home by nine!

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Maja said...

PB and bananas on toast is the best! And baked beans with cheese is great too. Baked beans with fresh parmesan. Yum.

Go the boss. He is such a legend.

Love that jezebel comment. So awesome. I'm totally gonna use that one.