Monday, February 7, 2011

Music and ice cream!

Found writing prompts on NaBloPoMo, and short answers begin... NOW!

What are the five best bands you've seen live?
1. The Drones - not just live, they're also possibly my favourite band ever in general. But live, they're just really in tune with each other, they all complement each other so well, and they're brilliant. What more could you want in a band?
We got to play quite a few shows with them in Australia and England, and as well as being interesting to watch every time, they're also really nice humans.

2. Flaming Lips - Spectacle spectacle spectacle. I love that they just go all out - giant hamster ball, backpack sized strobe light, dancing people in furry animal suits! All. Good. Things.

3. Dan Deacon - I think I wrote about him before, we went to see him in London without having heard any of his music before. We only had the word of mouth recommendation, which I will now pass onto you: If you get a chance to go see him, DO IT. Again with the spectacle, but also just a really awesome community feeling - he somehow made a bunch of too cool for school Londoners play and dance together like little kids. 

4. Baseball - Another band we toured with, this time only on the east coast, but it was great. They have massive stage presence, but each member plays in a way that they don't trample over anyone else's performance. Plus their lead singer wears shorts and plays a violin, and their drummer is amazing!

5. Joanna Newsom - Squeeeeee... I stayed an extra couple of days after a Melbourne tour to see her play, and it was totally worth it. She plays so well, it's just amazing that any human can be that talented. Plus she's adorable and sweet - 'Oh my gosh, did you guys see Andrew Bird (her support act)? That guy can whistle better than I can do anything!' But imagine that quote in the cutest  voice you've ever heard. 

And while I'm at it, another five that I'd like to (have) see(n):

1. Dismemberment Plan - And they're doing a reunion tour! Oh well, I'll settle for youtube clips.
2. LCD Soundsystem - Last show coming up in April! I've heard nothing but awesome things about their live show, and I love so many of their songs...
3. Modest Mouse - I've actually seen them twice, but it's always been in slightly weird circumstances at festivals, and I wanted them to be better. I think I need to see a solo show of theirs.
4. Super Wild Horses - Joe's sister's band, apparently they are really fun live, and I'd love to see them sometime!
5. The National - Just because I'm loving their music at the moment.


Took some photos yesterday for the new album, but geez I have no idea what I'm doing in terms of a) photography and b) makeup. Plus my baby brain has forgotten where I put my camera charger, so it was a bit of a race against time until the battery died. I'm trusting in Joe's photoshop skillz to make it all look awesome!


In other news, I would like an ice cream sundae from Gelare, with choc chip cookie dough ice cream, whipped cream, fudge sauce, nuts and a cherry on top. I find Icelandic ice cream to be kind of weird... Maybe weird is too strong a word, it's just different, I guess - kind of less dense? More creamy? Less creamy? I don't even know anymore. Oh well, I had homemade sushi for lunch, so that's a plus. I think I just need to get creative with making homemade versions of the fast food that I'm craving... Probably the healthier option, anyway.

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