Sunday, February 13, 2011

Icelandicizing, catpeople and a feast for Thor

I keep coming across Icelandicized English words, especially on facebook, that stump me at first, until I sound them out. Then I giggle at them.
Fellow Aussie-Icelanders, or anyone who can be bothered sounding out the following, behold my list!

bröns - brunch
næs - nice
gordjös - gorgeous!

I felt like I had come across tonnes, but I cannot find them again... And yeah, I guess maybe you have to have my currently limited mental capacity to find it funny.


Yuck, I just saw a leaked test scene from the now-shelved Thundercats movie. Why do people insist on trying to destroy the things I used to love? Thundercats is one of those things I haven't seen since I was a kid, so it probably wasn't anything spectacular to begin with, but dammit, cat people have always held a special place in my heart.

When I was little, I remember spending ages drawing people with cat heads on graph paper - they were really geometric and almost robot-y, because I was really into symmetry, too. Good times.

Oh my gosh, in my search for a good picture to put here, I found this guy - the Baron!
From Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns - both rad Miyazaki movies...
(picture from here)


Last night we went to a big family Þorrablót - it's the feast to honor Thor, full of stinky rotten food, but luckily also some delicious smoked meat and nice bread. It was organised by two of my mum's cousins, from opposite sides of the family, and will likely become a yearly tradition.

'Tis always good to have lovely family times, although I didn't manage to introduce Ross to too many distant cousins because I couldn't remember anyone's name! Sigga has some photos here - my camera cord is still lost somewhere in space and time. Probably just space though. Even my vague brain hasn't found a way to manipulate time.

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