Monday, February 21, 2011

Iceland and New Zealand = besties!

There's a show tonight on ÍNN, some weird little independent channel - it's called Lífið ('Life'), and it's made by a guy who lives here in Skagafjörður. It's part of a little series he did about the future of sheep farming, and there's a big connection to New Zealand, which I kind of love!

Last week was the episode where he travelled to New Zealand and talked to their sheep farmers about the industry, its growth and whatnot. It was really interesting, basically the NZ dudes said that Iceland should increase their production, as our slaughter season coincides with their downtime, so it's a good time to sell to Europe. I like the way they're all encouraging and helpful about it.

Tonight's episode is about the NZ dudes (and ladies!) who come to Iceland to work in the slaughterhouse in the autumn. Some of them have been coming for years, although was a marked drop off since the value of the krona halved during that unfortunate economic crisis thing.

Anyway, I love that there seems to be a real relationship between the two countries - we're both pretty small, pretty green, a little bit volcanic, and we do love our sheep (awww, shut up).

Not sure if the link will work overseas, but just in case it does, you can watch the shows here. The site is in Icelandic, but the shows are dated at the bottom, and you just press the little red button marked 'Horfa'...

Now that I think of it, the shows are also in Icelandic. Sorry, that link is not much good to you, non-Icelanders. But if the director guy ever gets around to making English subtitles* and posting it on Vimeo, I'll let you know!

* This might take a while, I think he has already had a little bit of trouble interpreting the NZ accent - Sigga said he had to listen to tonight's slaughterhouse guy several times before he figured out the phrase 'You've got to remember, they're not your pets.' I can't blame the guy, I know I genuinely missed words with Daisy and Victoria sometimes. It was always funny once we figured it out!
(p.s. I hope those particular NZers love Iceland when they come to visit, too!)


Blank bit. What to fill it with? Just looked for a blog meme, found a place where a guy wrote a list of '5 reasons I blog.' The first one was MONEY, and before I could read any further, I got assaulted by three pop up ads. Ew.

Anyway, why do I blog?

1. To stay in touch with you dudes back home! I'm so bad at being in touch, and this is like a big group email to anyone and everyone who wants to know what I'm up to...

2. Mo' Money! Just kidding! Um... Posterity? This has lasted longer than any diary I've ever kept, and it is really interesting going back and reading through old entries.

3. Photo storage, and storing links and things I like and want to be able to find again: yep, you're reading my scrapbook of stuff I like. Totally worth your time, right?

4. Venting! Mostly about work, wherever that may be. I feel like Ross probably gets a bit tired of hearing me whinge, especially as he works twice as hard as I do!

5. Whoa, more reasons? I guess I like to have a reason/place to write, I don't really tend to get around to it otherwise, but I do rather enjoy expressing myself. I should really get in the habit of writing elsewhere, too... But let's keep at this blog thing in the meantime, right?


This is a thing that I like: Business cat! I got it from Buzzfeed, but I'm pretty sure it's everywhere.

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